I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from the old blogs. Trying to work on some other projects as we speak. Watch this space. In the meantime here’s an awesome video of people falling over:

Video: Guy Goes Crazy & Attempts To Fly on Turkish TV.

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What do you make of the internet’s ability to laugh at the mentally ill? Should we boycott this sort of thing? There’s no denying it’s hilarious. But still…

Video: The day reality/gameshow TV took it too far.

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Crazy stuff. I can’t believe this is actually a programme.

“What do you have next?” “Oh great, double social networking lesson.”

According to The Telegraph:

Children under 11 will be taught how to use the social networking website Twitter, as well as blogs, webcams and podcasts under plans for a new high-tech primary school curriculum.

The thing is, any child who wants to be on Twitter or who wants to make a podcast already knows how.

This ludicrous idea is being suggested because the government is run by stupid grownups. They think that the fact they just discovered Twitter (see here) means that the idea of social networking is a brand spanking new thing and that it’s all of a sudden essential to implement it on the ignorant kids of the United Kingdom. SOCIAL NETWORKING HAS BEEN AROUND FOR AGES.

Here are but a few.

Here are but a few.

School children probably already have new ways of communicating with each other through technology. They could give Gordon Brown three years worth of lessons in computers and the internet.

School is for learning about things that grownups know, things that kids couldn’t or wouldn’t know about of their own accord like Henry VIII and Pythagoras. School is not for learning about things that kids would do anyway whether they’re taught it or not.

No its not.

No it's not.

Teaching Twitter in school would be like Sir Trevor McDonald teaching you how to skateboard, or Anne Widdecombe teaching you how to freestyle rap.

sir-trevor-mcdonald-9Anne Widdecombe

On the other hand, maybe this is a secret scheme to get kids off Twitter, and get on with their work! We all know that if something is cool, it instantly becomes uncool when adults catch on to it. For example, on a lot of TV programmes and films recently (He’s Just Not That Into You, Horne & Corden) they talk about MySpace as if they’re in the know. MySpace is dead and gone, no one is on it anymore unless they’re a musician or old. If a teacher was to actually order you to go on the internet and tell all your friends that you just had a ham and cheese sandwich, they would immediately beg to be taught algebra!

This is not cool. Not cool at all.

The government becomes more and more like someone’s embarrassing Dad every day.

Gordon Brown cool

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

It took me at least a week and a half to catch onto it, but I can now safely and confidently say that Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle is the funniest thing on TV at this present time.