10 cool things I saw in London today

1. ‘Comedy’ Dave from Radio 1, not too far from broadcasting house. I hear he uses the term ‘comedy’ very lightly.

2. Big marquees and a red carpet and lots of cameras and lots of big signs for the ‘Glamour’ awards.

3. The Laughing Cavalier in the Wallace Collection.



4. Statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Grosvenor Square.


5. Bits of Nineveh that they stole and put in the British Museum for all to see.

6. A very tasty cinnamon swirl.

7. A sculpture by Jeff Koons, outside the Royal Academy’s new summer exhibition.

8. A shop called ‘Nain Carpets’ which is funny because ‘Nain’ is what I call my Grandmother.


9. A Japanese omelette made before my very eyes in a very trendy restaurant.


10. Installations all to do with the ocean in the windows of Selfridges.

It was a fun day. A little tiring though.