… should be spelt flem, purely because there isn’t that much time in this world and if calculated it muct be at least three weeks worth of time in my life that has been spent pondering this but not allowing it to have the weight of importance to type it in on Google and research it.

Hello, I'm what comes up on Google images when you type in Phlegm! Woo!


Hey, catch up and quick mention of a giant armed man.

Not much going on blog-wise I’m afraid, I’ve been having a bit of a playwrighting burst, doing Theatre at Uni and all,  so other things like this (and Uni work!) tend to get pushed to the side.

I’m still alive and seeking to be creative as much as possible.

Here’s something funny:

“Modern day Popeye!”

22 year old German arm wrestling champ Matthias Schlitte is skinny but has a giant arm!

Top 15 Noises We Make When We Feel Yucky or Unpleasant or Generally Sad.

I had my sinffly-itis yesterday, when my nose refused to stop flowing with mucus. I think it was influenced by some sort of allergy to pollen or dust or oxygen. Today this has developed into a traditional, common, bog-standard, run of the mill, cold. So now one nostril flows snot and the other feels like it’s got a piece of chewing gum up it.

And everything is rubbish when one feels like this. Well not really, but one finds himself blurting out such cries, which leads me to my list of  top 15 noises we make when we feel yucky or unpleasant or generally sad:

  1. *Hmm*
  2. *Urgh*
  3. *Argh*
  4. *Hmph*
  5. *Ahem*
  6. *Eh?*
  7. *Weh. Hey.* (Sarcasm required)
  8. *Sniff*
  9. *Splurt*
  10. *Pssh*
  11. *Huh?*
  12. *Sigh*
  13. *Gulp*
  14. *Ssh*
  15. *Grrr*