Do You Want a Fresh Start?

Don’t ask me how or why it happened, but I was doing some tests on Google’s suggestions in response to the typing of the beginning of a certain phrase (similar to this.)

I typed the words “I want a…” into the search bar and one of the results interested me quite a bit: “I want a… fresh start.” It got me thinking, why have a large number of people have typed that phrase into Google?

We know that a fresh start is something God has desired before, God destroyed the whole world with water, only saving eight people including a man called Noah.

I heard a sermon on Psalm 51 last week and have read it again since, it really is a wonderful place to turn to for assurance of forgiven sins, as well as for an example of what our own forgiving attitudes should look like.  “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” (Verse 10) David want a fresh start and when God forgives us, that’s exactly what he gives us.

I watched the film Funny People  the other day, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend — you can make your own decisions — anyway, the best line in it came at a point where the lead (Adam Sandler) had messed everything up in various ways and his friend decided to be honest with him:

You’ll never be happy, ’cause you’re always gonna be stuck with yourself! Unless somehow you can get away from you, you’re always gonna be miserable.

We all have problems, no one is happy with their lives, but when it comes to finding the root cause of those problems, we always point the finger elsewhere, whereas the issue is quite the opposite. We need to get away from how we are naturallym 2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” But what is it to be “in Christ”? Well, by nature we are all in Adam, 1 Corinthians 15:22 says that “in Adam all die” so we can’t be in Adam, so how do we becoming Christ’s? Numerous passages tell us that this happens “through faith”. So put your faith in Jesus so that you can have this fresh start, so that like David in Psalm 51 God can wash away all our  iniquity and cleanse us from sin.


Enjoying Welsh Pop – Ti (Si Hei Lw) by Frizbee

It’s been around for a while on the Welsh scene, a scene who’s pulse my finger isn’t really on, I found it through The Phantom Lizard giving me a Huw Stephens compilation (he gave me two in fact) for my Birthday. This is the track which has stood out most for me as the most good and catchy one.

The tune is food enough for you to enjoy without understanding the words, but even better if you do.

It’s by a band called Frizbee, they are from Blaenau Ffestiniog, that is my Nain’s home town. The song is called Ti (Si Hei Lw)Ti means you and Si Hei Lw is a phrase I have seen in a book of Welsh lullabies, but I’m sure Arawn or another Welsh reader of this blog will explain to me the significance of the phrase.

Summer Heaven

The episode is called ‘The Pen’, Elaine is staying at Jerry’s parents’ house in Florida and neither of them can sleep because it’s too hot! Tis a funny one. That’s my first and maybe last summer thought.

I really haven’t had the urge to write for such a while and I wouldn’t have if jonblog (who’s new look blog is fab) hadn’t tweeted me to do so and follow WordPress’ suggestion to write about one’s ‘favourite summer sound’. I felt too constricted by the imperative to just write about a sound so I widened the margins to include summer as a concept, but now I feel I will widen it even further and just use summer as a spring board for yadayadayaing (to tip my hat to Seinfeld once more).

Summer is good though on the whole, it’s just generally a happier time. I often ponder what the weather will be like in heaven, I know that it will not be unpleasant (baby bear weather if you like). But will we have such beauties as snow and frost? Frost is beautiful when it sparkles in the sun, but is unpleasant to touch and inconvenient when one slips over upon it. More biblical study should be done by me on the criteria for heavenly features. The main thing will be the absence of sin and the presence of Jesus. That’s what I should look forward to most, but part of me just keeps wondering about the little details like snow, and whether we’ll be able to levitate.

At this point for no particular reason I am going to stray defiantly from the subject of heaven and summer and anything relevant to this post, because I want you to sympathise with my excuse for not blogging: busyness. I preached two sermons last month and am preaching another this Sunday (in Shrewsbury if you’re in town); we’re working in the Christian Bookshop in Aber as well as moving from our upstairs flat to the downstairs one. We had the arduous experience of having two holidays in a row, one to the Greek island of Santorini and the other to South Wales’ Gower peninsula. I also entered a play I wrote into a competition called ‘The Bruntwood Prize’ and I am currently praying that it would win it.

So, summer. Tis a funny one.