Alan Partridge lives on

The show is called ‘Mid Morning Matters’. It’s on YouTube. I think it’s really really really really funny, but I am yet to meet a person who has watched it, two people who I’ve told to watch it have ignored my pleas and in hindsight, maybe I should keep it to myself, like a really good tub of Marks and Spencers chocolate rolls.

I first watched it about six months ago, after hearing it was nominated (or won?) a Southbank Show award. I’m now re-watching it. I very rarely do that.

What makes it so good? It’s the huge effort that has clearly been put into it, the human nature that has been so expertly observed in the character as well as the fact that aspects of local radio that have been pasted into the show’s set-up. It’s painfully real, yet at the same time ludicrous.

So, you can watch it if you want, but no one’s holding a gun to your head.