Is it all in that pretty little head of yours?

Live and Let Die. That’s what I’ve been listening to lots this morning due to a fairly helpful blogpost on the NME website, I won’t link it to you, you have Google if you really want to see it, and do bear in mind that the writer of the article seeks to be hip and with it by using the language that kids with a z use effing and jeffing all over the otherwise wholesome Post-Beatles best of list, exception of course being Working Class Hero which indulges in some effing and jeffing of its own. The article led me to a great Elvis Costello song which I have never heard called Veronica, Mr. Not-Presley wrote it with Macca himself which is the link. I like Mr. Costello, his voice has a lively exuberance to it which I appreciate in a pop singer, but you would never mistake him for a brown eyed Soul-man, he still sounds white enough to give him that punk edge. I was looking through some old mix CDs that I’d made when I was in school, amongst a lot of filler by The Prodigy (I do love that Always Outnumbered thing they did, but it was destined for car commercials first and foremost) there was some killah in the form of Smokey & The Miracles’ classick Tracks of My Tears. What a brilliant fifteen year old I was. That is a good song. That is a really good song. The song is of course a pun on the Ken Bruce radio feature, I’m sure Smoke had to pay a good few royalties for that ‘un. But like I said, it’s a good song, so I have decided that if ever in my life again the opportunity to do karaoke arises, I’m gonna attempt it. Although last time I ventured into the world of Japanese crooning I was miffed to find that the song They Don’t Know was nowhere to be seen, Kirsty MacColl version or Tracy Ullman version! Can you BELIEVE the tragedy? Speaking of Ms. MacColl, I took great pleasure a month or so ago in introducing my Wrexham friend to the 12″ mix of New England, it is out of this wurld, really it is.


An open letter to the Honey Monster

Dear Honey Monster,

As such a large and fun-loving bundle of fur, I was bitterly disappointed when opening my packet of special edition Olympic Sugar Puffs with red white & blue meringue pieces to find such a small number of them in my packet.

I believe that at the moment I am averaging on about one per bowl. Bare in mind that I am taking the advice on top of the box ‘shake to start the party’. There is no party, there is only sadness at the lack of meringue pieces in my cereal.

Put more in or don’t bother.


Rhodri Brady


When they numb your mouth at the dentist and your mouth is all numb and it feels numb and weird it’s weird isn’t it? I’ve got that right now.

I had a look at my brother’s personal statement the other day, that’s an experience that feels long long ago now. I wonder how much of a difference it did make to the universities that accepted me? I remember hearing about a boy in our school who made up all sorts of fantastical extra-curricular things he had done i.e. teach special needs people to swim, play football with street-children etc. I wonder how far he got?

It’s a busy week with me starting my MA course next week, and all sorts of induction events this week. I must try and keep up the blogging, although I’m tempted to do what I did a year or so ago when it got busy and just throw it all away, but no! If I just do quick bursts of posts, that will be good. I’m also a little bit scared that because I’m doing a course that involves writing stuff and I keep having paranoid fears that someone will tell me off for writing something I shouldn’t, as has happened in the past. Wisdom must be used and prayed for.

101 Dalmatians is on in the background and there is a very witty and clever little bit in it where Horrace & Jasper are watching a programme called What’s My Crime? in which contestants have to guess which crime a man has committed. The odd thing is, as Charlie Brooker found with his website and the writers of The Day Today found, is that when it comes to parodies, the real thing often becomes more ridiculous than the joke thing (i.e. zany news graphics & I’m a Celebrity...).

Ddim yn Kant a Kant

I’ve had a blasted cold this week which has hindered me rather and reminded me of the fact that I don’t deal very well- scrap that- other people don’t deal very well with me dealing with pain. A prime example of this was a warm summer’s evening in church when I was deep in conversation with a South African brother and I suddenly felt the most intense needle like stab-stab-ouch-stop-that pain in my belly. I ended the conversation without a fuss or a ffwdan but then promptly lifted my shirt to reveal a pesky wasp who had dug his ass into my stomach. I was in a lot of pain, but something about the way I reacted meant people found it quite funny. My abiding memory from that agonising night are the smiling faces of my friends and family- that sentence usually comes at the end of a touching speech about how someone recovered from the injuries found in a car accident with the help of the ones they love, just smiling and being nice, but in this instance, the smirks of my Father, brothers etc. are a very negative thing. So this week, I am dying of a cold and all I hear is “I hate it when you’re ill, you’re so annoying” and “stop groaning, you sound like a broken blender” these are only slight paraphrases. Maybe I’ve been cooked for, cleaned for and chored for, but that’s to be expected when I’m ill. I’m almost better today, but still not cant a cant (nothing to do with the German philosopher, it’s just a Welsh idiom to do with percentages).

50,000,000 iTunes Customers Can’t be Wrong?

I like to check iTunes quite regularly and I was interested to see that You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and The Pacemakers was at number two. Of course it’s because of the Hillsborough thing. I think it’s amazing and exciting that any song can get into the charts now, this seems to be a generation where more is possible and there is less of an establishment, less barriers and more things can be achieved more quickly. For example, buildings can be built more quickly, you can become famous on YouTube and you can win the lottery – these are quite recent phenomena. Of course those things tend to be just white-wash, and Gerry and The Pacemakers are probably happy. I remember when they first changed that rule, because it used to be that a song had to be ‘a single’ released in a particular week, but with downloads, obviously people were going and finding Wonderwall or Brimful of Asha and wanting to have it in the charts again and again and again, so they changed the rules. Chris Moyles had the idea of getting a naff song from the nineties into the charts, and because of the listenership he had at the time, got everyone (myself included) to download Honey and the Bee by Billie Piper. I think it got to number five. Then of course we had a couple of Christmases ago when Rage Against The Machine beat the X Factor to the top spot. People felt that was a great victory over ‘the man’ and in a way it was, especially as the song had such protesting content. But of course, Rage are part of the same major record label as all the other major acts, surely it would have been nicer to get an independent act to number one? People have to tried to recreate the success in recent years with various Facebook groups, but it hasn’t worked with quite the same vigour. It is only recently that bands such as The Beatles and Led Zepellin have turned up on Apple’s MP3 centre. I was surprised to hear that of all Beatles songs people loved the most, the best-selling was Let It Be (by now it’s Twist and Shout).It just goes to show that as my Father says in answer to Elvis Presley’s question:

‘50,000,000 Fans Can’t Be Wrong?’

Well, yes, actually, they can.

I’m not sure, I’m just speculating.

Today has been an excellent day. We (Sibyl & I) were taken to Brent Cross Shopping Centre by my Mother this morning. She had planned with Sibyl to take her out for lunch and my plans changed so I tagged along. I usually get quite bored shopping, so to compensate this I took loads of photos, that was enjoyable. We ended up eating in a place called Leon which is somewhere I have noticed for a long time but never eaten in. It is extremely middle class, slightly above Pret a Monegegerer in classiness, needless to say I had a fish finger wrap. The way they’ve designed the interior of the store sparked off a discussion amongst us about how 50s / 60s fashions are very much in at the moment and even propagandist advertisements have become cool. It reminded me (sorry about going on) of the design features found in the Harry Potter films, in which they have chosen various early twentieth century timepieces (old radios, keep calm and carry on type posters, sepia newspapers) and have placed them within the realm of the magic world. It is almost as if they thought, “ah, all this stuff is all so magic and modern, we need to make up for that with some old fashioned stuff” OR my other theory is that they some how connect magic / witchcraft with a sort of archaic way of life (Salem witch trials, before TV we had to make our own fun with cauldrons, wizards such as Merlin all have white beards therefore are old and therefore must have been around in the 50s / 60s) and thus have fed into that with the choice of design. Or maybe it’s just the general Zeitgeist and they are following that along with Kath Kidston and Mad Men. I’m not sure, I’m just speculating.

Large Floating Mass of Ice

Sibyl and I got married three years ago today. Humans are such beautifully designed beings that you can spend a lifetime studying them. What a privilege marriage is. I can spend everyday with this one person and become so close with them that we become one. I can help her like no other person on earth can help her. She is my specialist subject, and I her’s. God invented that possibility, that’s very cool. Knowing a person on a superficial level is one thing, but once you know that this person has an eternal soul it becomes an entirely different matter. A lifetime together, I believe, will begin to touch the tip of that large floating mass of ice (couldn’t cope with the cliché so used dictionary) we’re only three years in, here’s to many many more. She enjoyed the audiobooks btw, we listened to the beginning, Stephen Fry is an excellent reader.

I’ve been telling everyone recently how impressed I am with my youngest brother’s modelling skills and I suppose I am interested in that because I too enjoy the creative arts (is the term creative arts a truism?). But I truly am inspired by the boy’s plasticine creations. They’re rather abstract or at least not figurative or perhaps they’re more impressionistic. He makes conical structures that he says are planes and he makes people that are modelled as minimalistic spheres. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a modern art exhibition, only the artist would be far more pretentious – Owain is quite the opposite –  he doesn’t like sharing his thoughts on his work, he has very much created his own private world.

When I was in school it was not possible for me to take both Drama and Art, we had to choose one art and one humanity (History & Geography), the bad thing was that it was possible to take both History and Geography, that isn’t fair. I hear they’ve changed it by now but I am quite glad I did Geography because it has given me an understanding of the countryside in which I now live near. We did coasts and I enjoy telling people about wave-cut-notches and long-shore-drift (lol it’s LSD). When we are by the river I tell them about ox-bow lakes and how a river gets deeper and wider and flows faster the more downstream you go. And I enjoy telling people all about a terrible Geography trip we had to somewhere in Herefordshire where me and my associate started a water-fight and felt bad so went to bed meanwhile the antics continued through the night and everyone got into massive trouble apart from us because we were in bed… score. So it was impossible for me to take art, but I could have taken History and I often wish I had done that. I picked Geography for stupid on-a-whim reasons, I think I thought more cool people took Geography as opposed to History because I remember hearing in-crowd types saying that History was ‘just remembering dates’. What a sheep. But I do love providence, so the regrets do not bother me. There’s always the library to brush up on stuff I’ve missed out on.