Video: A Visual Interpretation of ‘Ride Like The Wind’ by Christopher Cross,

Caution: Don’t expect anything neoclassical, contemporary or post-structural.

Good, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad…

Good news: Making sausages.
Bad News: Girl, 4 says that she needs a poo poo.
Bad News: Pull-light in toilet’s string breaks, falls on my foot.
Bad News: I can’t reach it to tie a knot.
Bad News: As I get the step ladder to tie the knot, Girl, 4 says I should, ‘tie a knot’. YA THINK?
Bad News: Sausages are by now burning
Bad News: I stupidly flick hot oil onto my hand, jerk my entire body and smash a plate, hitting the other foot to make a matching pair.
Bad News: Girl, 4 finishes poo poo.
Bad News: Big mess in toilet, ’nuff sed.
Bad News: Sausages now cold.
Good news: Sausage sandwiches always taste nice, even if they are cold and burned.

Video: Fun With Microsoft Songsmith

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful invention, have a look at this awfully cringe-worthy advert for Microsoft’s latest fun piece of software, ‘Songsmith‘.

See if you can manage to make it all the way through the commercial without ripping out your beard. I certainly couldn’t.

It’s a cool piece of software they’ve got there!

Hey, what would happen if you fed an accapella version of a popular song like say errm… Wonderwall into it?

I find it works a lot better if you try not to remember the original song.

This one is alarming and at times a bit frightening:

Ah, the wonders of the modern world.

Video: New Slogan for Blewog Blog?

I was thinking if the old Blog could do with a slogan. Do you think any of these will do?

Here are the lines:

– ‘A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Blewog’
– ‘The Real smell of Blewog.’
– ‘Drink Blewog.’
– ‘The Better way to start the Blewog.’
– ‘Blewog is good for you.’
– ‘Just Blewog.’
– ‘Think Blewog.’
– ‘I can make you Blewog.’
– ‘No Blewog? No Comment.’
– ‘Because Blewog’s worth it.’

Extracts from a short & simple sermon on ‘The Transfiguration’

Every Friday at my church, there is a youth club. It’s for kids from around 10-15 years of age. Here are some extracts from the talk I did last Friday. The reading came from Matthew 17: 1-8 . Please read it if you know nothing of these things, or if you are an expert, comment with your criticism, be it constructive or destructive.

The verses I’ve just read you, hold one of the most phenomenal events in the whole of Jesus’ time here on our earth. Most people refer to this event as ‘The Transfiguration’.

All of you must have thought about heaven at some point, everyone has different ideas of what it might be like. I’m sure some of you have thought about what people might look like in heaven.  But have any of you thought about what Jesus will look like in heaven?

1. The first thing we see from these verses is a taste for the glory of the second coming, when Jesus and his people will be shown to us.

This was definitely one of the purposes of this wonderful vision. It was meant to encourage the disciples, and give them a sneak preview of what is to come.

A lot of people around the time that Jesus lived expected The Messiah to come as a glorious king. But by showing the disciples this, Jesus was saying that the glory was on it’s way, but not here yet.

We need to always be thinking about the second coming of Jesus! So often, even Christians forget all about it. And in this world that we live in we find almost nothing or no one is there to remind us of it. Many people have doubts that Jesus will come again, or don’t want him in charge of their lives. But by reading and hearing about the transfiguration and other stories from the Bible, it can settle any doubt we may have.

2. Secondly we see clear proof of life after death, as well as proof that bodies will be raised from the dead.

Moses and Elijah also appeared with Jesus during the transfiguration.

They were seen in their bodies! They were heard actually talking to Jesus!

Fourteen hundred and eighty years had passed since Moses died and was buried. More than nine hundred years had rolled by since Elijah went up to heaven.  Yet here, Peter James and John see them alive!

Everyone at least wonders about life after death. Sadly, I’m sure everyone has lost someone close to them. As you get older, it happens more and more. One minute they’re here with us, then they’re gone.

But will they really live again? Are we going to see them again? We all consider these questions.

And here we have it: the transfiguration. Clear evidence that the dead will rise again.

Every single human who has ever lived, will again be called to life, and will have to give an account.

In Luke it says that ‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living’

3. Thirdly and finally we have in these verses, amazing evidence of how much Jesus is far greater than any of us.

Do you remember the voice that came from heaven in this passage? At the end of verse 5, “This is my son, whom I love ; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

What God was saying here is that, there is one much much greater than Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah were both great men, but Christ is far greater. This is the Saviour that the whole of the old Testament was pointing forward to.

We should definitely honour all the people in the Bible; especially Moses and Elijah, but if we want to be saved, it’s only Jesus that can be our Master.

So let’s pay attention and listen up when we hear Jesus’ voice here in the Bible, and don’t just listen to him,  follow him! Remember that anything you are taught when it comes to Christianity must always lead to Jesus.

If none of that got through to you, but just want one thing to remember from tonight and for the rest of your life, it’s this:

Listen to Jesus.