Video: A Visual Interpretation of ‘Ride Like The Wind’ by Christopher Cross,

Caution: Don’t expect anything neoclassical, contemporary or post-structural.

Good, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad…

Good news: Making sausages.
Bad News: Girl, 4 says that she needs a poo poo.
Bad News: Pull-light in toilet’s string breaks, falls on my foot.
Bad News: I can’t reach it to tie a knot.
Bad News: As I get the step ladder to tie the knot, Girl, 4 says I should, ‘tie a knot’. YA THINK?
Bad News: Sausages are by now burning
Bad News: I stupidly flick hot oil onto my hand, jerk my entire body and smash a plate, hitting the other foot to make a matching pair.
Bad News: Girl, 4 finishes poo poo.
Bad News: Big mess in toilet, ’nuff sed.
Bad News: Sausages now cold.
Good news: Sausage sandwiches always taste nice, even if they are cold and burned.

Video: Fun With Microsoft Songsmith

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful invention, have a look at this awfully cringe-worthy advert for Microsoft’s latest fun piece of software, ‘Songsmith‘.

See if you can manage to make it all the way through the commercial without ripping out your beard. I certainly couldn’t.

It’s a cool piece of software they’ve got there!

Hey, what would happen if you fed an accapella version of a popular song like say errm… Wonderwall into it?

I find it works a lot better if you try not to remember the original song.

This one is alarming and at times a bit frightening:

Ah, the wonders of the modern world.

Video: New Slogan for Blewog Blog?

I was thinking if the old Blog could do with a slogan. Do you think any of these will do?

Here are the lines:

– ‘A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Blewog’
– ‘The Real smell of Blewog.’
– ‘Drink Blewog.’
– ‘The Better way to start the Blewog.’
– ‘Blewog is good for you.’
– ‘Just Blewog.’
– ‘Think Blewog.’
– ‘I can make you Blewog.’
– ‘No Blewog? No Comment.’
– ‘Because Blewog’s worth it.’