Pros and Cons of the Crime Drama ‘Bones’


  • It’s a well written, interesting drama and I’m well glad that it isn’t something like Glee she is obsessed with. (By the way, I have been known to enjoy Glee from time to time, don’t get me wrong – it just isn’t exactly intelligent TV)
  • I love seeing Sibyl’s enthusiasm as a typical episode reaches its denouement, I also enjoy experiencing the joy she finds in getting to know characters in a television series well.
  • She finds that she can do Uni work as she watches it, which is also a positive thing, better than playing the Wii because that cuts out the potential of doing some work.
  • It’s scientific, so there are a lot of potential educational opportunities there too. It’s all about human relationships ultimately (that’s not unique) but very specific world-views are presented. Dr. Brennan has an extremely rationalistic, sceptical view on everything, so to give an example she thinks humans are just mammals (a very common view), which make her conclusions directly go against the Bible’s teaching on many things, it’s good to engage with that sort of thing and know where people are coming from so that I have reasons as to why I believe what we believe. Agent Booth is presented as some sort of Christian but does not live a moral life – how should I react to that? I hope I think.


  • It’s American (cheap point, sorry I’m just warming up)
  • It’s got gross dead bodies in it which make it unsuitable tea time viewing.
  • It’s well written, but it’s not as good as Lost.
  • These super long American television ‘seasons’ have the capacity to take over your life. (Lost is most guilty of this crime) I am willing to commit extraordinary amounts of time to watching TV or listening to music, but often I don’t commit anywhere near as much time to reading the Bible or praying, writing creatively or school work. Hmmm…
  • This whole doing more than one thing at the same time thing is quite a big hit with the ladies. But I find myself doing it too, and it’s not necessarily negative. For example I will very rarely do the dishes without having music on, but I have heard from quite a few sources that not concentrating on just one thing is negative. For example right now I am trying to blog and I have Agent Booth in my ear arresting some murderer and my brain has the capacity to stress out. Maybe it’s good, I don’t know, keeps your brain active maybe. But I know personally it instead of one thing having my full attention, two things are getting half my attention. Apparently it leads to alzheimers too, but I don’t remember who told me that. Also I am aware I sound potentially Buddhist.

New Leather Shoes or “Please Don’t Hurt Me Anymore”

Sibyl bought me a brand new pair of leather shoes.They’re lovely.

My shoe.

Whenever we used to get new trainers when we were little there were two distinctive things Dad would say that stick with me:

  1. He’d call them ‘training shoes’ not trainers (or sneakers for that matter). As if to emphasize their true purpose and not to get them mixed up with say… the swimming shoes, the gardening shoes or the walking shoes.
  2. So, picture the scene, fresh home from Brent Cross with our gleaming white pair of Hi-Techs, we’d run up to him, eagerly anticipating approval. Then the question would come: “are they leather?” If they were he’d say ‘Great! Wow!’ if they weren’t there would be trouble. He would beat us around the face with the non-leather shoe until we learned that no shoe was a real shoe until it was a leather shoe. We’d then be driven to a nearby field, be given a shot gun and be asked to take out the closest cow in range and go about seeking to make a shoe out of its skin.

That’s pretty much how it went, so understandably I do feel very proud to have finally found a pair of proper leather shoes.


RE: Five Fave Films Of 2010 NOT Nominated for an Oscar

Here are my thoughts on the movies that filmdrift think deserve recognition on Oscars night but won’t be getting any:

1. Let Me In

I feel quite cool about this film because I have seen the original Swedish version (AKA Låt den rätte komma in) and not the lame Hollywood version. I liked it – beautifully shot. It’s about a vampire girl.

2. The Ghost Writer

Under the more cool and subtle title ‘The Ghost’ in the UK because we’re not as dumb as Americans who think that just because a film is called ‘The Ghost’ it must be about ‘A Ghost’. What a cool film, a wee bit long, bu the ending will make you go woommuuuuuuhoooooaaah!

3. Shutter Island

You know when you really want to see a film when you first see the trailer about a year before it comes out and then you don’t get a chance to actually see it when it does comes out so you plan to see it on DVD but still haven’t really got round to it and it bothers you when people talk about it and say that there is a really good twist and you’re really frightened that someone is gonna tell you the twist and ruin the whole film for you? No? Well…

4. Never Let Me Go

Dystopian drama! Should try watch it at some point if the opportunity arises.

5. The Book of Eli


RE: Uses for Lavender Sugar

Thought I’d do things a little differently this morning and reply to some of the posts turning up on the WordPress front page and here is our first.

My thoughts on lavender sugar:

  1. I have never heard of putting lavender in sugar.
  2. I have never thought of it as edible.
  3. I can understand the fact that it smells nice, we had a lavender plant in our front garden (I imagine it’s still there) so do my grandparents and it smells delightful when you rub it in your hands.
  4. Maybe I’ll go over this afternoon, nick some lavender and put it in a pie.
  5. I bet my Mum and my Grandmother know nothing about the connotations of lavender in the LGBT community, and I hope they never do. I don’t want to ruin it for them by making their garden suddenly political or worse…


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Hello there reader, it’s been pretty busy with the Bradys recently. These are some things that I’d like to share with you:

I am at this present moment leaning back in the man of the house’s arm chair rubbing my satisfied belly after a joyful full English brekkie, the highlight of which were some lovely fried mushrooms – a delicacy I never imagined as a child I would find myself even touching. Growing up ‘ey!? Mental.

I am really enjoying a song by a man called Dan Black the song is ‘Wonder’ which I found on the FIFA 11 computer game. The track has a minor key mystery to begin with, moving into some clacky drums, big bassy movements, hip and with it lyrics and a major major chorus there are some lovely harmonoisatations too. Should’ve done GCSE music, darn it, wasted talent.

I rewatched The Incredibles last night, I think at the moment I would happily put myself out there and say it is my favourite film of all time, I really really really really like it. Okay!?

I thought it would be nice to share with you that I am currently wearing some great Iron Man socks which I received for Christmas from a certain resident of the real life Pontypandy (might be a different order of letters now I think). Her fiancé was preaching for us on Sunday, his evening sermon particularly moved me to more concentrated prayer for our nation to turn to God, and I was further moved to do so by a verse I read in one of those daily reading books, it’s from Psalm 44:23 “Awake, why sleepest thou, O LORD? arise, cast us not off forever.” Prayer is such a privilege. As I’m gradually growing as a Christian, I am slowly learning how essential prayer is, I find myself being drawn to him more and more, though I would not say it has become easier to pray – I do feel that I can acknowledge more than ever before the firm fact that I would crumble without my God.

To finish off would you like a YouTube music video with Thomy Yorke in it? Here you go…

I like his dancing (good song too).