Blewog’s Firey Diary – 27/10/2010 (Scotland, Mars & Bat-Cats)

You may have read on my friend Jon’s new blog all about an exciting trip me and a few of the students (as well as my second cousin) took to Edinburgh. As you can tell, we had an enjoyable time. What he failed to report to you was that one of the first things we saw when we got into Edinburgh was none other than Alistair Darling! Black eyebrows, white hair and all! As well as the fact that we had a joyous walk up Arthur’s seat, and the fact that we saw actual bagpipes being played in the streets. Very exciting.

Last night Professor Stuart Burgess came and did a talk for us at A.P. on Extra Terrestrial Life. If you want to read an angry article against him see here. My favourite quote:

Modern Science has not the slightest need to even shrug when confronted by nonsense of this kind…

Yes, that’s why you just wrote a six thousand, six hundred and fifty nine word article about him.

His talk was enlightening and through it I was able to see for the first time why scientists are so desperate to find life on other planets, it’s because there is no evidence for evolution on earth. It is not coincidental that the Mars probe was called ‘Beagle’ (Darwin’s ship) and other such missions have been labelled ‘Darwin’ and other such evolutionary fan-tags.

I admired Professor Burgess’ imovability on these issues, when asked to tell us what the probability was of evolution being true, he replied calmly that it was zero. His mannerisms were composed and at the same time passionate, polite but not afraid to be direct, intelligent yet never showing pride, always giving praise, credit, respect and worship to his creator and showing love to those he was seeking to share with. What an example to us on perhaps the issue of our time.

This week, it’s half term in the schools, so I enjoyed a flying visit from my Mum and the two youngest Brady boys. My Mother-in-law arrives this afternoon.

I am now into full swing with rehearsals, and it’s exciting to see my character starting to take shape. I look forward to the performance in either December or January (they still haven’t sorted it!)

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Batman Cat

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Blewog’s Firey Diary – 20/10/2010 (Sleep, Sweets & Rainbows)

My sleeping is better by now by the way, I think I’m over my weird little night-time ‘issue’. Still catching up with sleep though. Had to munch through several fruit pastilles in my lecture yesterday to keep me awake, but of course it is not strange for me to be guzzling sweets, I feel that by now I am somewhat of an expert on most sugar based treats currently on the market. I particularly enjoyed the fruit pastilles if you’re wondering, because unlike many other items of confectionary which have been ruined by the fact that they do not contain artificial colours and flavourings, fruit pastilles are now juicier and tastier than ever, they must be using real fruit or something crazy like that. Smarties on the other hand look bland and seem to have become far less exciting than they used to, I assume it’s because they have to use ‘edible colours from nature’ artificial colours were still given by God you know Nestlés! The pots don’t even have lids that you can choke on anymore, so inconsiderate and what’s more they are hexagonal not cylindrical like they used to be! Sucks. Next thing you know they’ll stop making the orange ones taste like orange.

On the subject of nostalgic sweet rants, did I report to you that they have brought back the ice cream flavoured chewits. If I already said, I don’t care it’s awesome news worth repeating. Those were little cubes (or should I say cuboids as I’m being very mathematical in my shape descriptions as of late) of joy, and now they’re back. What’s more they’re selling them with cola flavoured chewits and you can mix and match to give the effect of an ice cream float! Really tasty.

I walked up Constitution Hill with a friend yesterday, the first time I had done it this Academic Year. Was hoping the café at the top would be open, but it was gone 5:30, so wishful thinking on my part. We walked over the hill and round back into town, it was incredibly windy and all the more cold because I had just shaved off what was previously a surprisingly effective layer of face fungus. The highlight of the walk was in the midst of a moment of disappointment when we were met by some light rain, suddenly we were embraced by the sight of a glorious, full (sadly not double) rainbow! It really was gorgeous and clear and you could see every colour and a pot of gold at either end. I felt like Noah, especially when I already had the reminder of such a great expanse of water with the sea to my left and then the sight of what emerged out of the flood I could see some mountains to my right. Brilliant.

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All you iPad users out there finally have a way to carry it around and still look cool.

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 18/10/2010 (Nightmares, Paranoia & Will Ferrell)

Two nights ago I was awoken by something I only thought happened in films: the sound of my own voice screaming. I had just fallen asleep and I suddenly felt a looming figure moving slowly towards my face, watching me from the end of our bed, and that’s when I panicked and started to use my vocal chords like I never have before, and that’s when my wife thought I was being murdered.

I’ve never felt properly crazy before. I’ve felt a bit mad, maybe slightly weird from time to time, but never totally mental. And so it begins, this was two nights ago and last night I had to sleep with a light on and a pillow over my head! No joke. I hope it will pass, because it’s really anoying, no less for Sibyl who has to put up with my childish fears as if she were my Mother. Needless to say she has been nothing but patient and helpful.

Other things to report include the fact that I’ve recently enjoyed watching the film Stranger Than Fiction.

It was moving, funny and engaging which sounds like the description of most good films. I suppose I could say it was original as well, with a familiar and lovable cast who put in convincing performances. But I’m afraid I can’t think of anything profound to say about it, so if you’d like to, take my word for it and believe me that it’s a thoroughly well made film that tells a brilliant story.

Hope to see you soon.

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These two songs were in ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ but I’ve heard them both before in other films. The first is a Max Richter track and I heard it in the BBC Drama Dive. It’s highly depressing and I love it. The second is by Vangelis, I feel it gives me the sense of a fairytale and I first heard it in one of the films that has recently entered my ever changing top five, Millions.

P.S. Enjoy the ballet! (And the seaside)


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Some people on Reddit are saying that if you put your thumb over Paul Simon’s head it give’s Garfunkel an awesome moustache. Try it. You know it’s true.

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 05/10/2010

I’m dreadfully sorry for not fulfilling my promise of updating you on my progress (almost) daily. Anything over five days is pushing the bracketed ‘almost’ rather further than it should be pushed.

I went to an acting audition last night. As I assume is the case with most Univerisities in the UK, there is a Theatre/Drama society which puts on a few plays a year. Here in Aberystwyth they’re called ‘The Nomadic Players’ and I’d resisted doing anything with them last year purely because it’s scary being a wee first year going into a group of big scary second and third years (even though there’s a big chance I could be older than many of them). I think as a Christian I shouldn’t be hiding myself away, trying my best not to mix with unbelievers etc. We’re always hearing it from preachers and Christian student societies, but it’s actually a bit of an effort to put yourself out there. One of my fears is that I’ll be told to do stuff on Sunday (a non-negotiable for me) and now Thursday nights are also a no-go area because I have a responsibility towards the Welsh CU. But we shall see.

They’re putting on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and another play which I haven’t heard of. I’m sure I’ll find out pretty soon if they liked my acting and whether they want me to be in it.

I wanted to report to you the result of my first attempt at making roast potatoes. I’m not going to lie, they tasted phenomenal. Crispy flavoursome and gorgeous. I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe (like every other UK budding chef) and was not left disappointed. We also had a few sausages and some peas to add some colour to the plate. It was a highly enjoyable meal. I would have liked to make some better gravy, I ended up just making some bisto. It’s made me want to cook more, and reminded me that when I was about ten, I really wanted to be a chef. I’m really thankful God didn’t take me down that path, but it’s a good thing to dip into when one can.

I have my first lecture today, which I’m looking forward to. I think we’ll be hearing a lot about Theatre and Politics, and it’s cool because the play we’re studying is one I saw in London. It’s called ‘random’ and isn’t as lame as the title may suggest. The entire play is performed by one black female and has no set at all. Surprisingly it is extremely moving and entertaining. All about current issues like youth violence etc. The thing I like most is her ability to characterise and capture what a black-African family could well be like and even though many may not be able to associate with it, by giving us a window into that world, we find ourselves empathising and even recognising traits in the Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. Seeing a play trumps reading it so much. which makes sense really.

Sunday was good, a few more freshers again, which encouraged me more. What struck me most was a sermon on the subject of ‘blaspheming the Holy Spirit’ I began to get a little closer to understanding what God was like in his treatment of humans, his forgiveness and his nature.

We spent the day with friends and in the evening we had a bite to eat and I said a few words to welcome the students to the church. I’d prepared a talk, and God graciously helped me to find some sort of advice to give them on how to live as a student. Looking at issues of belief, relationships, evangelising, studying and living for God in a holy way. I felt I could have prepared better, but people seemed to be receptive.

After church we sat in the manse and discussed the merits of reading out loud, then we tried it out by all reading a paragraph each of an abridged and simplified book by John Owen called ‘Temptation’ (guess what it’s about). Apparently just reading aloud can be a very beneficial activity. They do it in prisons and with special needs kids etc.

Looking forward to prayer meeting tonight, I assume Taid will continue with his series of the “I am…” sayings of Jesus. Also look forward to sharing some chips with Nain and Taid afterwards, as the tradition often is!

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Russell Brand on Newsnight talking about the cult of celebrity. Very interesting, definitely someone to pray for.

(Via my friend Jonathan)

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 30/09/2010

It’s been an extremely busy last few days. You must be sick and tired of reading about stuff to do with the CU. But it has been taking up a large part of my time. I got my timetables this morning and before you start poking and laughing no it isn’t really that full up with lectures. But this year I am going to use that time to work super hard! I am! I’ve already got all the books I need out of the library! I have!

I watched a film called ‘Man On Wire’ last night, not to be confused with this or this. It’s about a guy who attempted to tight rope between the twin towers in the early seventies. But did he make it!?

It was a very well made docu-film and kept you tense and interested, drawing on aspects of a heist film along with well chosen pieces of classical music on the soundtrack. Watching the film was also a great chance to catch up with my friend, he’s a great guy, and most of the time isn’t mental (the impression you get from the video).

Last night was the very first Welsh CU meeting of the year, we’ve been really looking forward to it. The subject we’re looking at is ‘faith’ or should I say ‘ffydd’ for those of you out there who pray for us, please do.

The last few days have also been a good chance to see our friends from downstairs we had some lovely soup and watched some of this, which I’d never seen before. Quite enjoyable methinks.

It’s raining verily in Aberystwyth today, but busyness has subsided sightly for now, won’t be going outside anytime soon!

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Think of any person, and it’ll probably guess who you’re thinking of. Very clever but of webbyness. It even guessed me! Click on the picture to play.

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