Knowledge is Power

Usually when I think of a person I know, there are a handful of abiding memories that I recall in connection to them.

For example my friend Neb, one thing that really sticks in my mind about him is a rant he once had about how annoying he finds it when people leave the washing up sponge in the sink, still wet! He was furious. When I reminded him of this funny rampage, he didn’t remember it at all.

The same thing happened when I told another friend about how much I used to enjoy it when he sang hymns in the style of Jimi Hendrix. He had no memory of it.

How many things have you done / said / sung that you have no memory of? Loads, I think. How many times have you popped into the mind of your acquaintances doing / saying / singing something that you have no control over and no memory of!? Loads, I think.

Sometimes it can work in your favour though. I caught up with an old school friend a while ago, and he told me that the funniest thing I ever said was during a playtime football game. Apparently I ran headlong towards a boy that everyone was scared to tackle and tackled him (just that is cool enough).

Then he says, incredulously “Where did you come from?”

And my corker of a reply is, “Wales”.


But I have no memory of it at all.

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 18/10/2010 (Nightmares, Paranoia & Will Ferrell)

Two nights ago I was awoken by something I only thought happened in films: the sound of my own voice screaming. I had just fallen asleep and I suddenly felt a looming figure moving slowly towards my face, watching me from the end of our bed, and that’s when I panicked and started to use my vocal chords like I never have before, and that’s when my wife thought I was being murdered.

I’ve never felt properly crazy before. I’ve felt a bit mad, maybe slightly weird from time to time, but never totally mental. And so it begins, this was two nights ago and last night I had to sleep with a light on and a pillow over my head! No joke. I hope it will pass, because it’s really anoying, no less for Sibyl who has to put up with my childish fears as if she were my Mother. Needless to say she has been nothing but patient and helpful.

Other things to report include the fact that I’ve recently enjoyed watching the film Stranger Than Fiction.

It was moving, funny and engaging which sounds like the description of most good films. I suppose I could say it was original as well, with a familiar and lovable cast who put in convincing performances. But I’m afraid I can’t think of anything profound to say about it, so if you’d like to, take my word for it and believe me that it’s a thoroughly well made film that tells a brilliant story.

Hope to see you soon.

Listening to:

These two songs were in ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ but I’ve heard them both before in other films. The first is a Max Richter track and I heard it in the BBC Drama Dive. It’s highly depressing and I love it. The second is by Vangelis, I feel it gives me the sense of a fairytale and I first heard it in one of the films that has recently entered my ever changing top five, Millions.

P.S. Enjoy the ballet! (And the seaside)


Virally Contracted:

Some people on Reddit are saying that if you put your thumb over Paul Simon’s head it give’s Garfunkel an awesome moustache. Try it. You know it’s true.