Leaving School

On Wednesday and Tuesday last week, we had two evenings of fun, organised by the school; in order to celebrate the fact that we had finished.


Certificates and stuff.


Dancing and stuff.

On Wednesday I got (along with the rest of my class) a reward for my achievement in Drama, we all recieved a lovely picture of us all…

We look like such a stereotypical drama class.

Sibyl (Rhodri’s girlfriend) got an award for her awesomeness in Biology. Then she received a book about religion!? ‘The God Delusion’ – I wouldn’t care if it was one of his earlier books which actually focused on science, but this is by no means a book about Biology! Acts like this are one of the reasons why I hate school.

Anyway, it was a nice evening…


Thursday was more my type of thing, laid back and funky.

There was some great fun…

and obviously, an umbrella was at hand for when Rihanna was played…

It was sad to say goodbye to childhood, but like I kept saying… we’ve only just begun.


Radiohead @ Victoria Park

So on Tuesday I went to see one of my favourite bands ever, a band who I personally believe are in at least the top 5 best bands in the world right now. Heaven forbid I may even put them above U2 – I know, crazy.

Thom Yorke GIFThey played a pretty awesome set, yet inevitably they didn’t play what you would expect. If a semi-big Radiohead fan made a list of songs that they should play at all of their gigs it would probably consist of:

  1. Creep
  2. Karma Police
  3. Paranoid Android
  4. No Surprises
  5. Fake Plastic Trees

NO! These songs are too good for Radiohead to actually play to their paying fans, they are too bored of these hits, which they have so wonderfully written – instead Mr.Yorke says to himself, ‘let’s shake things around a little, lets not play what people are expecting us to play, then when we play something like classic ‘Everything in its Right Place’ the fans will appreciate it more!’

All that said, they did play an awesome set, and they must be so bored of playing the same old classics over and over, and they played almost every track (minus House of Cards) from current album In Rainbows. I think they hate ‘Creep’ a lot, (as do I) it was played while they were being interviewed on Radio 1 the other day and Thom suddenly shouts ‘TURN IT OFF!’

Fair dooz. Other highlights of the gig were, The Bends classic ‘Planet Telex’, one of my favourite tracks by them ‘National Anthem’ from Kid A, oh and everyone’s favourite ‘Just’. You can’t top that first line when Thom Yorke so bitterly spits, ‘Can’t get the stink off!’


So yeah, like I said, they hate their hits, when they played any track that they suspected the audience may enjoy slightly to much, Thom would quickly release a disclaimer and say – ‘It’s another one of those ones’ or ‘you better get ready to sing along’.

But guys, don’t get the wrong impression, they were magnificent, and even if they had just played Hail to the Thief and the bad tracks from Amnesiac I wouldn’t have cared, they are Radiohead – they are a pleasure to watch. AND they played a song which is at least in my top 10 songs of all time, ever – IDIOTEQUE.

If you don’t own this belter of a track, try and download it or buy it as soon as you can. This has been me and a couple of my good friend’s anthem for a good 2-3 years.

The constant pulsating beats, the beeping, the spooky synths, the lyrics – oh wow the lyrics.


So yeah to round off, Radiohead are still amazen, Thom Yorke is still amazen (even though he sent out loads of his troops to get us to sign some form, and don’t get me wrong, I was happy to sign it, as long as the bloke told me why I needed to, and he didn’t, so I signed as Paul McCartney.)

Oh yeah and Idioteque was AMAZEN.

First Post

Wow, this is it man. I’ve been building up to this for a good few months – I’ve thought of millions of amazing ideas for what to put up and what to write about.

Just can’t think of any right now. But if you’re reading this, please comment. Cos that is amazen.