Danger Mouse to release blank CD

This guy knows his stuff about the current music scene. Good stuff.


Video: ‘No, Mr. President’ – a powerful answer to abortion.

I am fully aware that the readers of this blog are divided on this crucial issue. Everyone should watch this video to the end, post your views in the comments if you feel it necessary.

Film Review: The Last Word

It’s late and I’m tired, but I’ve just watched this film and was trying to find some stuff on the net about it and there’s hardly anything. The format I have watched this in probably has something to do with it, someone downloaded it from unreliable sources and ‘forced’ me to watch it. However I’d like to think of that means of viewership as an elaborate way of me attending an advanced screening, it’s just they didn’t know that I wanted to review it, and I wasn’t at the Sundance Film Festival, so.. yer.

A review of sorts:

1. It’s not a romantic comedy.

The way it’s presented on the DVD cover and the way it will be presented when/if it eventually comes out is as a Rom Com. It’s more of a drama with elements of comedy, I just don’t want to say ‘Dramedy‘.

2. The acting’s pretty good.

Our protagonist is played well, no hugely moving acty-bits but some very good stuff.

Winona Ryder looks good, her character is slightly underwritten, and again no potentially award winning acting moments.

Manny the Mammoth’s character is perfectly cast, he’s funny and quite good.

3. A guy called Geoffrey Haley wrote and directed it.

It seems this is his first directing job. Apparently he was a camera man on Six Feet Under and other such things. I like his writing though, and I like the fact it’s his first thing and he’s come out with something rather good. That’s encouraging for me and other budding writers out there.

4. The film as a piece is a great idea, and was a pleasure to watch from start to finish.

I’m sure they’ll be putting that quote on the poster. Actually one second, we need far more superlatives if we want a gooden…

4. “The Last Word is the finest Dramedy I’ve seen in years and was stunning from start to finish.”

Rhodri Brady, The Blewog Blog

I really do mean that though, it was really good and I hope it gets a release somewhere.

5. BTW, it’s got an awesome ending.


Yeah, so look out for it, and if you get impatient buy the DVD.

A Confession.

This may come as a shock to you.

This may come as a bit of a shock to you.

I have made the ever worrying and frightening switch.

This is the decision which isn’t meant to come to fruition until you are at least in your late thirties. It is a choice every person must make that ultimately confirms that you are no longer young but old.

It is with profound sorrow that I must announce this awful news:

I have stopped listening to Radio 1 and now listen to Radio 2.

What is he thinking? A young man in his prime, so much of life ahead of him, just throws away his dreams away like that.

I just got to a point where I thought I can’t deal with this:

(Yes that is an Elton John sample)

And decided that I’d actually prefer this: