Blewog’s Firey Diary – 27/10/2010 (Scotland, Mars & Bat-Cats)

You may have read on my friend Jon’s new blog all about an exciting trip me and a few of the students (as well as my second cousin) took to Edinburgh. As you can tell, we had an enjoyable time. What he failed to report to you was that one of the first things we saw when we got into Edinburgh was none other than Alistair Darling! Black eyebrows, white hair and all! As well as the fact that we had a joyous walk up Arthur’s seat, and the fact that we saw actual bagpipes being played in the streets. Very exciting.

Last night Professor Stuart Burgess came and did a talk for us at A.P. on Extra Terrestrial Life. If you want to read an angry article against him see here. My favourite quote:

Modern Science has not the slightest need to even shrug when confronted by nonsense of this kind…

Yes, that’s why you just wrote a six thousand, six hundred and fifty nine word article about him.

His talk was enlightening and through it I was able to see for the first time why scientists are so desperate to find life on other planets, it’s because there is no evidence for evolution on earth. It is not coincidental that the Mars probe was called ‘Beagle’ (Darwin’s ship) and other such missions have been labelled ‘Darwin’ and other such evolutionary fan-tags.

I admired Professor Burgess’ imovability on these issues, when asked to tell us what the probability was of evolution being true, he replied calmly that it was zero. His mannerisms were composed and at the same time passionate, polite but not afraid to be direct, intelligent yet never showing pride, always giving praise, credit, respect and worship to his creator and showing love to those he was seeking to share with. What an example to us on perhaps the issue of our time.

This week, it’s half term in the schools, so I enjoyed a flying visit from my Mum and the two youngest Brady boys. My Mother-in-law arrives this afternoon.

I am now into full swing with rehearsals, and it’s exciting to see my character starting to take shape. I look forward to the performance in either December or January (they still haven’t sorted it!)

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