What would a good blog post do?

I found this in my blog drafts:

Sometimes I wonder that if I wrote something good it would make people want to read it and it would change the way they felt it would make them laugh or cry maybe or make them be transfixed in one moment and not want to stop reading and keep reading and reading and reading and not stop until there were no more words.

Summer Heaven

The episode is called ‘The Pen’, Elaine is staying at Jerry’s parents’ house in Florida and neither of them can sleep because it’s too hot! Tis a funny one. That’s my first and maybe last summer thought.

I really haven’t had the urge to write for such a while and I wouldn’t have if jonblog (who’s new look blog is fab) hadn’t tweeted me to do so and follow WordPress’ suggestion to write about one’s ‘favourite summer sound’. I felt too constricted by the imperative to just write about a sound so I widened the margins to include summer as a concept, but now I feel I will widen it even further and just use summer as a spring board for yadayadayaing (to tip my hat to Seinfeld once more).

Summer is good though on the whole, it’s just generally a happier time. I often ponder what the weather will be like in heaven, I know that it will not be unpleasant (baby bear weather if you like). But will we have such beauties as snow and frost? Frost is beautiful when it sparkles in the sun, but is unpleasant to touch and inconvenient when one slips over upon it. More biblical study should be done by me on the criteria for heavenly features. The main thing will be the absence of sin and the presence of Jesus. That’s what I should look forward to most, but part of me just keeps wondering about the little details like snow, and whether we’ll be able to levitate.

At this point for no particular reason I am going to stray defiantly from the subject of heaven and summer and anything relevant to this post, because I want you to sympathise with my excuse for not blogging: busyness. I preached two sermons last month and am preaching another this Sunday (in Shrewsbury if you’re in town); we’re working in the Christian Bookshop in Aber as well as moving from our upstairs flat to the downstairs one. We had the arduous experience of having two holidays in a row, one to the Greek island of Santorini and the other to South Wales’ Gower peninsula. I also entered a play I wrote into a competition called ‘The Bruntwood Prize’ and I am currently praying that it would win it.

So, summer. Tis a funny one.

Everything is everything

I am sat in my sister-in-law’s house and find myself with a spare moment and a laptop, here I am posting a blog. I was going to write lots of exciting stuff but my niece has just asked me to play Zoo Tycoon with her, so I must go. I ask her if she has anything to say to the internet, she says “Eeaah… No!… Don’t write that! Hahaha! Eeeeh.” *Shakes head*

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 19/11/2010 (Washing Machines, MCs & Dental Combat)

Recent goings on in the life of Rhodri Brady have been the writing of essays and the learning of lines, nothing new I hear you say. Well how about I bust you out of your overly complacent cage and tell you about the time me and not one, not two, but three other men went to buy a washing machine together. Not only that, but we came to a descision about which one to buy with in literal minutes! This was after five minutes of making jokes about buying an oven by accident and then actually thinking a tumble dryer was a washing machine.

On Sunday evening I preached! Sadly our planned preacher for the evening had to drop out, so I was rolled in at the last minute. I ended up preaching a very similar sermon to the one I did in Childs Hill in September, but I changed it slightly, eager to come at the passage afresh. I was really chuffed at how supportive so many in the congregation were, God was very good to me and it was a joy.

One evening this week I had my first profiad of ’emceeing’, I am not referring to the rapping kind (as in Jay Zed etc.) no, I mean as in the master of ceremonies, the compére guy. The CU put on an open-mic night and lots of people sung and I was basically given the freedom to shout whatever I wanted down the microphone in-between the actual talent. This was for a good few hours. It was an absolute joy, and I particularly enjoyed making music jokes, political jokes and science jokes—most of which I stole from t’internet. I was hesitant to crush the idea of me being the rapping kind of MC, because at the end of the show, me and my fellow friend performed a rap, a rap all about kicking the bar, which went to the tune of Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco. We had rapping names, he was called Prfessor JJ, and I went by the name of Serious Filth! We went down an absolute storm and we now have a recording contract (not).

I am rather bruised because in my play, we have to rehearse a scene in which I get beaten up over and over and over and over agin. It’s fun at the time because it takes me back to the days of the old school yard, but when I wake up the next morning, I find bruises in the most unusual places.

I’m off to London tonight, I shall be watching a play there. I’m looking forward to having some time on the train to think, and read, and probably not listen to music because I dumbly lost my iPod, along with another billion other lovely valuables such as my Bible and house keys and TheBestSupermanShirtEver all inside my wife’s favourite ruck-sack. Twas her favourite container in which to carry her rucks. But we live and learn (or in my case live and lose, and lose, and lose, and find, and lose again).

I was eating bonbons in a lecture the other day and the chewy part of it suddenly became hard. I thought to myself, what an interesting chemical reaction these confectionarial makers have managed to create in my mouth! However, what happened was far less Willy Wonka-esque. I had managed to dislodge a gold inlay from my tooth, thus leaving a rather large chasm in the back row of my upper jaw. The day before yesterday (which is the day after the day before the day after two days ago) I went to the dentist. I shall spare you the paragraph in which I share with you the fact that I often find myself revelling in the fear that we all have to some extent of the dentist. Anyway, this procedure was rather easy. I’d kept the inlay in my wallet for quite some time, it was quite the conversation killer. She—the dentist—grabbed it and shoved in there and it felt a bit weird but it was fine, I thought she’d finished, but of course she felt the need to cement it. So then she had to spend five minutes taking it out of my teeth again, the fear of dentists is never too bad until you consider that maybe, just maybe they’re going to make a mistake. You hear horror stories of dentists accidentally pulling whole jaws off, and this is was the genre of fear I was feeling this time. She was yanking, levering and wedging this little metal bit in my teeth, like I’d never seen. What I should have told her was that I would just pop a bonbon in my mouth and then I’d take it out for her! Eventually it dropped out and I almost swallowed it, and then, with spot of cement from her industrial sized mixer, in the style of a true brick-layer, I was kitted up and ready to beep my way through any airport security gate you threw at me. It does feel a bit weird though, because (this is really amazing, God is awesome) when you lose a tooth or a bit of a tooth, the set of teeth below compensate for this by pushing themselves up a bit further to make up for it, to help my chewing! But when she put it back in, all I could feel was this huge metal wad. By now my mouth is getting used to it, but I do have regular tap-dance recitals, inside my head.

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 05/11/2010 (Love Letters, Boardgame Settlers and Cymru Cheesecake Trend-Setters)

This week we’ve had:

  • Early mornings (if waking up at 8 can be called early?)

The thing you begin to realise when you’re getting up at a semi-reasonable hour of the day is that you need to go to bed early. Now, I am still suffering from a state of mind I lived with in childhood, it’s called inevereverevereverwanttogotobed syndrome, the main symptom of this disease is a connection in one’s mind of sleeping at night with a ceasing of ‘fun’. I’m slowly recovering, but the knowledge of 24 hour Spar is always a demon.

  • Some exciting letter writing.

I found myself trying to scan some of the old files in my cerebrum for files on ‘how to write a letter’ I remembered that there were all these formatting rules and courtesy regulations, it took me back to my penpal days with a certain Tiger Tim of Thirsk.

  • Readings and spectatings of some good examples of post-dramatic theatre (Martin Crimp, Cupola Bobba).

No plot, no characters, no words, no conflict, no stage, no actor, no audience, no life, no earth, no God. Well, it’s not exactly that, but that description is getting close.

  • An evening of home made burgers and a session of cheese tasting followed by a game of ‘Settlers of Catan’.

We found ourselves in Morrisons, talking to the lady at the deli counter, sampling some of the country’s finest cheeses, in the end settling for some Australian cheddar which I didn’t even know existed and doesn’t sound particularly appetising, it was good though. I also enjoyed some onion chutney. Friends are good for recommendations like that aren’t they, they’re also good for German multiplayer boardgame related joy.

  • A blessed Welsh CU meeting thinking especially about The Creation or should I say Y Creu.

My Taid was our speaker this Thursday, and what a joy it was to have him there. A good number, and a clear message for us to chew on.

  • A baby birthday celebration, a victorious game of Articulate and a surprisingly engrossing viewing of first twenty minutes of Finding Nemo.

We had chocolate cake and cheesecake, and as we consumed, the topic of ‘why do Welsh people talk about cheesecake more than other nationalities talk about cheescake’? I’d never heard such claims. I have no opinion on the matter, do you?

So, as you can see, this week’s been a busy one and on top of all that, I feel that most of my time has been taken up with trying to learn lines, and then desperately trying with oh so much of my strength to make my sultana sized brain remember them during the rehearsals! I hope we’re making progress on the play. I really do hope so.

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Banksy fancy dress costume.

Blewog’s Firey Diary – 05/10/2010

I’m dreadfully sorry for not fulfilling my promise of updating you on my progress (almost) daily. Anything over five days is pushing the bracketed ‘almost’ rather further than it should be pushed.

I went to an acting audition last night. As I assume is the case with most Univerisities in the UK, there is a Theatre/Drama society which puts on a few plays a year. Here in Aberystwyth they’re called ‘The Nomadic Players’ and I’d resisted doing anything with them last year purely because it’s scary being a wee first year going into a group of big scary second and third years (even though there’s a big chance I could be older than many of them). I think as a Christian I shouldn’t be hiding myself away, trying my best not to mix with unbelievers etc. We’re always hearing it from preachers and Christian student societies, but it’s actually a bit of an effort to put yourself out there. One of my fears is that I’ll be told to do stuff on Sunday (a non-negotiable for me) and now Thursday nights are also a no-go area because I have a responsibility towards the Welsh CU. But we shall see.

They’re putting on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and another play which I haven’t heard of. I’m sure I’ll find out pretty soon if they liked my acting and whether they want me to be in it.

I wanted to report to you the result of my first attempt at making roast potatoes. I’m not going to lie, they tasted phenomenal. Crispy flavoursome and gorgeous. I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe (like every other UK budding chef) and was not left disappointed. We also had a few sausages and some peas to add some colour to the plate. It was a highly enjoyable meal. I would have liked to make some better gravy, I ended up just making some bisto. It’s made me want to cook more, and reminded me that when I was about ten, I really wanted to be a chef. I’m really thankful God didn’t take me down that path, but it’s a good thing to dip into when one can.

I have my first lecture today, which I’m looking forward to. I think we’ll be hearing a lot about Theatre and Politics, and it’s cool because the play we’re studying is one I saw in London. It’s called ‘random’ and isn’t as lame as the title may suggest. The entire play is performed by one black female and has no set at all. Surprisingly it is extremely moving and entertaining. All about current issues like youth violence etc. The thing I like most is her ability to characterise and capture what a black-African family could well be like and even though many may not be able to associate with it, by giving us a window into that world, we find ourselves empathising and even recognising traits in the Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. Seeing a play trumps reading it so much. which makes sense really.

Sunday was good, a few more freshers again, which encouraged me more. What struck me most was a sermon on the subject of ‘blaspheming the Holy Spirit’ I began to get a little closer to understanding what God was like in his treatment of humans, his forgiveness and his nature.

We spent the day with friends and in the evening we had a bite to eat and I said a few words to welcome the students to the church. I’d prepared a talk, and God graciously helped me to find some sort of advice to give them on how to live as a student. Looking at issues of belief, relationships, evangelising, studying and living for God in a holy way. I felt I could have prepared better, but people seemed to be receptive.

After church we sat in the manse and discussed the merits of reading out loud, then we tried it out by all reading a paragraph each of an abridged and simplified book by John Owen called ‘Temptation’ (guess what it’s about). Apparently just reading aloud can be a very beneficial activity. They do it in prisons and with special needs kids etc.

Looking forward to prayer meeting tonight, I assume Taid will continue with his series of the “I am…” sayings of Jesus. Also look forward to sharing some chips with Nain and Taid afterwards, as the tradition often is!

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Russell Brand on Newsnight talking about the cult of celebrity. Very interesting, definitely someone to pray for.

(Via my friend Jonathan)