A nerd in denial?

I’ve never really know what to think when accused of being a geek. There are parts of my life which are characteristically nerdy, for example I once held an obsession with comic books and I have an unhealthy completist attitude towards music and films.

One thing I’ve always stood by is the fact I’ve never watched Star Trek. Since living with my future sister in-law and her husband, both of whom are avid ‘Trekkies’ I have been very much persecuted for my lack of enthusiasm for the much loved TV programme.

I regret a ‘sweeping’ statement I recently made that I hate all action movies. I purely expressed the fact that I didn’t necessarily enjoy or take as seriously thrillers as I did other films. I really don’t mind action films, especially if they’re in the cinema, however I’d still stand by my comment that I generally find them inferior movies.

As I sit here I have Star Trek: The Next Generation on. It takes a big man to take a step back on a comment he has made concerning his views. Of course after watching it i realise, it’s brilliant; if not slightly dated. I guess now is as good a time as ever to get into the whole franchise seeing as the film is out soon.

I am watching “Cause and Effect“, the 18th episode in the 5th season. There are these alien people on board, who have no gender in their race. The main issues it tackles are obviously gender, sex and other such issues around that area.


Planet Earth

Just watching a repeat on the channel ‘Eden’ didn’t even know it existed before today! I’m guessing it’s named after the biblical garden, going for the whole nature thing and all.

Anyway all I wanted to say once again was:

humpback whales = magnificently magnificent

Shocking Rabbit News!

You may remember, I posted a short while ago about my new female rabbit ‘Lily’. We thought that Lily might be getting lonely all on her own so why not pop down to the pet shop and get another girl rabbit. We came home with a gorgeous mini rex rabbit much like this one:

She’s called ‘Sweet-Pea’ and is really lovely.

Here’s the real news, we introduced the two rabbits to one another and we came to the realisation that Lily is not Lily! She is a he! And is now called Willy! Sadly I have the whole ordeal on camera, if you want to watch it you can, but I don’t blame you for trying to avoid viewing rabbits, doing what rabbits do. It is really funny.

Good Morning

Hello there readers.

Just a quick hello to reassure you that I’m still here.

Cool stuff I’ve been doing recently:


Cheek by Jowl adaptation of Andromaque

‘Cheek by Jowl’ adaptation of Andromaque

Finally succumbed

Finally succumbed to ‘The Mighty Boosh’

Follow the white rabbit!

We got one of the baby rabbits that my little brother’s rabbit gave birth to (the first batch).

She is a female (not a girl) and is called Lili Wen Fach, which is translated literally as Little White Lily, but it’s what many Waleish people call Snowdrops or Galanthus. Alternative names are eirlys or cloch maban.

I like the name primarily because the rabbit is white, and it’s far more imaginative than ‘snowy’. It also reminds me of a song we used to sing in school:

O Lili wen fach, o ble daethost di,

A’r gwynt mor arw ac mor oer ei gri?

Sut y mentraist di allan drwy’r eira i gyd?

Nid oes flodyn bach arall i’w weld yn y byd!

Translated as:

Oh Little White Lily, from where did you come?

With the wind so wild and with such a cold cry

However did you manage to climb out through all that snow?

There is no other little flower to be seen anywhere.

Here’s a creepy picture of me with the rabbit:

rhodri brady with white rabbit

It’s a bit:

“I didn’t ask for your life story.” #3

It’s become a slight cliché by now, most comedians will say it. ‘I decided to be funny as a defense mechanism’ [see George Eman Vaillant‘s (1977) categorization, defences form a continuum related to their psychoanalytical developmental level. Level IV – mature defences (i.e. humour, sublimation, suppression, altruism, anticipation)]. I do think it’s true, it was my way of surviving when I was made fun of. I didn’t necessarily make a conscious effort to do anything of the sort, but over time confidence grew. I was given the chance to stand up to a few people and in turn some of those people realised that I wasn’t really that square. (It also helped that I ditched my lame Reebok bag for a trendy nike string bag).

My decisions to be funny were not always made by myself. Take one normal Thursday afternoon for example. We had a supply teacher. Now for those of you who do not understand the concept of a supply teacher, allow me to explain. When your normal teacher is ill or unable to attend a lesson, the school sends in a substitute who’s job is to not cry as long as possible in an atmosphere of children who’s sole purpose is to make your life as difficult as possible. They will throw things at you, shout at you, tell you fake names, create reproductions of the second world war (using both sides of the classroom and various pieces of stationery as bombs) have a picnic, run around, and generally have the time of their lives. Which is not what school is for!

Artists impression of a chaotic classroom.

Artist's impression of a chaotic classroom.

On this particular occasion, some of the ringleaders of our class decided it would be funny if they forced me to pretend to be deaf. One boy even promised to give me £1 if I went ahead with it. That was the clincher for me, all I needed to do now was convince this supply that I had no use of my ears.

For some reason the fact that I was deaf, in my mind automatically meant that I should also act in a mentally handicapped way. I begun by rocking back and forth on my chair, I put my head at a 45 degree angle and begin to rapidly hit the desk, hard, over and over again. Then came the touch that made the routine so infamous – the loud wail. I wish that this could be put across in a better way, but there is no way I can reproduce that ear piercing noise. You see I was at that classic stage in puberty when the voice was midway between being the voice of a young boy, to the low voice of a man. Thus all I needed to do was put my vocal chords in a position where it was in-between those two voices, thus it would interchangeably sway between the two; creating a rather haunting, unignorable yell. It diverted any attention from potential work. I was the centre of attention; the whole class had some entertainment, and the teacher had a crisis on her hands. There was a child who was unable to control his vocal chords and she couldn’t tell him to shut up because not only was he deaf but by the looks of it he was mentally ill.

I became an overnight legend. Which for a good while was fantastic. I was respected by my class and for at least a week was very popular.

My problems came when a few days later we had another supply teacher. This time the teacher was not from the agency, he was the head of the maths department. Once again, because he didn’t know our class, I was egged on to do the deaf thing again. It slowly dawned on me that if we ever had a supply teacher, I would never have the chance to do any work and that I had no choice as to whether I should do the deaf act. This was my job, for the rest of my secondary educational life. My performance this time could have gone horribly wrong, but this time it was even better.

Someone had brought in a mini voice recorder. Cleverly, before they gave me it they recorded a few useful messages on it, that I was to play to the teacher. The main one which I played over and over again was ‘I need my care-worker!’. This teacher oozed condescension, he got down to my level and put his thumbs up, winked and said ‘okay’, then smiled. This was an amazing experience; I got to feel what it was like to be treated like an absolute idiot even though I simply had a (supposedly) mental difficulty. It was also great that the maths teacher had made a fool of himself in such a way.

So things went on like this, I was a legend and every single supply teacher we got, the act came out. It was taken the wrong way many times. Once we had a particularly feisty German teacher, who assumed I was making fun of her. She lined the whole class up at the front of the class and at one point shouted in my face for at least five minutes (only to end her rant by telling me I had beautiful eyes.)

However as Nelly Furtado so poigniantly put it, All Good Things (Come to an End). One teacher ended up asking our head of year (H.O.Y.) about the deaf child in the class she had taught. One day I was sitting in class and in walks the H.O.Y. himself. He stands at the front of the class, with a particularly furious look on his face.


From that day on I did not dare do such a thing again. It was suggested to me a couple of times that I should bring him back from the dead; I decided against it.

But I had made a discovery, sometimes I could be funny & sometimes I could be accepted! Being like that was a lot more fun than getting picked on. So for the next two years I sought laughter and popularity. I wonder where that took me?

Blewog YouTube News

There’s been a few changes on my YouTube channel in recent weeks. I’ll give you the bad news first; they removed My Idiot Brother Caught Smoking video! All I got was this message:

[Rejected (content inappropriate)]


The good news is that the video, Gwion Falls in River has shot up to 25,254 views!