They won’t show it in this country I’m sure, but I’m looking forward to seeing it somehow.


2 thoughts on “EPIC COLLISSION!

  1. Ah, we tare these towers down. Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great makes the best case yet for a new spirituality, saying among other things that we should look to literature.

    Look also to the Pulitzer winning but impenetrable “Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker which said if you could figure it out that creating and re-creating, evolving things along, leads to god/gods/God.

    Then go to a new novel, Buffalo Snow Day, famous so far only in, yep, Buffalo.

    Look at the way its Buffalo snow makers tie Becker’s wonderful, positive look beyond traditional gods to science, yes, science and religion together, seeking universal answers in an expanded version of the very current search by theoretical physicists for a GUT/TOE, a Grand Unified Theory/Theory of Everything.

    David Woods, Author of “Buffalo Snow Day”

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