Do you ever mash-up songs in your head involuntarily?

FM Alarm Clock Radio

In the morning we have Radio 2 on our FM radio in the bedroom [see above image] and 6 Music in the kitchen on our Digital Radio.

As I walk in and out of each room — making tea; cereal; pack lunch etc. — I hear snippets of songs and links from each respective DJ.

Chris Evans is effervescent, but sometimes painfully so. It forces me to get out of bed and leave the room so that I can listen to Shaun Keaveny have a mental breakdown. I’m enamoured by his arbitrary soundbites and sprinklings of impersonation — Paul McCartney / Britney Spears / Terry Wogan.

This morning, Radio 2 were sticking to their remit of playing a hefty quota of derivative pop. Today it was a track that I enjoyed when I was fourteen — Are You Gonna be my Girl? by Jet.

Then a little bit later on, on 6 Music, as I was wrestling my Bible to the ground, hoping for the semblance of a QT, I heard Lust for Life by Mr Pop.

It wasn’t until I was walking back from town after getting some morning conveniences that I found myself singing both songs… at the same time.

Here’s how it went:

Opening riffs

[The same]

So one, two, three, take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine
That I really wanna make you mine.


More guitar


Here comes Johnny Yen again
With the liquor and drugs and the flesh machine


More guitars and drums


Big black boots,
Long brown hair,
She’s so sweet
With her get back stare.


I got a lust for life, got a lust for life
Oh, a lust for life, oh, a lust for life
A lust for life, I got a lust for life
I got a lust for life

[Repeat to fade]

Just a little window into my head when there are songs stuck in it.

Special Skills

Yes, you haven’t heard wrong, the papers weren’t lying, I made my first curry last night. I felt a little bit like a clichéd British middle class twentysomething as it was a Jamie Oliver recipe, but it tasted nice nevertheless. It was a vegetable vindaloo with chicken things on skewers on the side. I really enjoy cooking stuff when I have to go out and buy ingredients, often ingredients I’ve never used like garam masala and dried chilli. It turned out really tasty, and our friends who we had round claimed to enjoy it too. I thought it would be hotter than it was, but thankfully it was only pleasantly spicy. I also learned that vindaloo has Portuguese origination due to the fact that the colonised Goa (the monsters, going into India and claiming it) and introduced vinegar – thus the ‘vin’ and the ‘loo’ is garlic apparently, but ‘aloo’ is potato in Hindi too so I don’t know what to believe any more.

We finished the evening off with the classic Wii game New Super Mario Bros. I am generally abysmal at that game because I just enjoy running fast until I die. My fellow competitor/team mate is a sports scientist (well that’s what he studied at university anyway) and he enjoyed doing P.E. type jokes like picking me up and throwing me in lava as well as having innumerably more lives than me. Pride cameth before his downfall though as all my failures had led me to be very cautious for the final round whereas his cocky gameplay led him to die, lots. I finished off my gloating by displaying what I think is my best skill, tuning into FM Radio stations. The party trick consists of me asking guests to name any FM radio station and I am able to tune into them in a matter of milliseconds. Trust me, I’m good. “Classic FM?” BAM SMACK…VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS. “Radio 2?” WHIZZ ZOOM…DIRE STRAITS. “Radio 4?” SCHWAT WALLA… DESERT ISLAND DISCS. INSTANT. MAVERICK.

One Last “Whoo-hoo!” For The Bradyman

Me wife has her first Welsh driving lesson today. She has had a couple back in London – that’s why I say Welsh – but it’s been a while. My guesstimation is that she will be a very natural driver, this is going by her instinctive skill in solo sports such as ice skating, swimming and archery (the girl’s had a go at some exciting games in her time). And her gender based ability to multi-task.

I, on the other hand – I suspect – will be a worse driver. This is my prediction for a number of reasons. Firstly, driving involves thinking about more than one thing at a time like pedals and mirrors and gears and steering, that sounds stressful; secondly I am quite like my Father and he is not famed for his skill behind the wheel (sorry Dad); thirdly, I’m just a bit clumsy. Anyway, I’ve never had a lesson, so who knows, I might take to it like duck t’twater.

We don’t have a television license so I haven’t watched any of the Olympics. I was told the other day (again by a certain Wrexham lad – I see a pattern of lies emerging here) that it was illegal to watch BBCi without a license. Well I’ve done my research, and that’s wrong! It is illegal to watch live TV ont’internet but not catch-up. So I might catch-up some Olympics. To be honest I won’t. I’ve got better things to do with my time, and I’ve got a radio, which I can also watch legally (by watch I mean watch the contraption while listening to it) whoo-hoo-hoooooo!

Letter to a BBC Radio Chaplain

I sat with my wife in bed this morning, listening to your thought of the day slot on Radio 2 we waited eagerly for a rare chance to listen to a Christian share her faith. We are live in a time when Christians are being sidelined and it is so very rare to hear God’s name being mentioned on the BBC. I hear reports from broadcasters such as Jeremy Vine, Simon Mayo where they give details of instances where they have not felt able to speak out about their religious convictions, because their beliefs are being restricted.

You started by talking about the importance of touching, I was glad to hear you telling some moving stories and anecdotes all involving the significance of human contact. However I began to despair, considering the extremity of the small slot of time you are given on the radio, you still had not reached the point where you were able to point the listeners to Jesus. When eventually you did, I was bitterly disappointed to hear you skim over the entirety of our Lord Jesus’ ministry, by summing it up with the fact that it was merely good that Jesus touched people, concluding that we should be like that more often.

What does your maker think of you? What will he say when you meet him on the day of judgement? I do not doubt for a second that you have considered this question very carefully and are in a far more advantageous position than myself in terms of religion. But God sees the opportunities you’ve been given to broadcast to millions and the fact that you have squandered them with a bland, empty and intolerably hopeless message does not bode well for your eternal soul.

But there is hope yet! Jesus loves you still, as he loves me. I think back to countless occasions where God has given me the chance to share my faith with others, but I have shrunk in embarrassment or not said the right thing. I ask that you consider deeply and thoughtfully whether you really are born again (as Jesus commands us to be), ask yourself if you really are following the commands of the Bible, and whether you actually are teaching what God wants you to. I plead with you to repent from preaching sugar coated tributes to the beauty of humanity and instead to turn to the one who is able to cleanse from all wrongdoing, the one who sacrificed his own son and promised to rescue us a lost race, if we turn to him.

Video: Mahan Esfahani – Young Harpsichordist

This video just reminded me that the harpsichord is on of the world’s most beautiful instruments.

This post can also be found on the arts blog Moo.

General Ramblings.

So last night was The Brit Awards, which I didn’t watch as I was at the Midweek Meeting at our church. We had a great time of prayer and Bible study, learning all about Miriam. Many lessons can be learned from her boldness; sometimes boldness is brilliant, at other times it’s detrimental.

There are enough clips of the Brits on YouTube to last me about a year, so missing it was not a problem. I thought Kylie Minogue dancing with James Corden and Matt Horne was very funny.

I’m off to the theatre tonight, I got free tickets with a scheme called ‘A Night Less Ordinary‘. It’s been funded by The Arts Council, in order to encourage more young people to go to the theatre. Let’s face it, at the moment the theatre is mainly attended middle classes, often older people or sometimes Drama students. Conversely, this year research shows that the numbers of people going to the theatre is going up.


I suppose I should be attending the theatre more, seeing as the next three years of my life will be spent doing a degree in Theatre Studies!

The play I am going to see tonight is called Shun Kin. It’s done by a world famous theatre devising company called ‘Theatre de Complicite’. It’s directed by the head of the company, who’s also an actor called Simon McBurney. In school last year we were able to go to a workshop led by McBurney so I got some face-to-face practical teaching from him. I seem to remember over-acting slightly too much and him hitting me repeatedly.

I have a day off from my job tomorrow. I’ve got student finance forms to fill in and questions to write for the Quiz Night (see below). I could well fit in a few blog entries also (oh lucky you). I want to work on other various writing projects also.

I will have time tomorrow to consider the future (a few ambitions) as of course, in a few years time…

  • This blog will be world famous.
  • I’ll have my own TV show involving Film & Theatre reviews as well as exclusive interviews with A-listers.
  • A late night radio show.
  • Releasing a few books.
  • Write a few poems.
  • Further the work of the Gospel, seeking to spread the good news.
  • Help the sick and needy, here in the UK and abroad.
  • Do more much needed theological study.
  • Wright a play.
  • Write a screenplay.
  • Look after and please my wife (as well as some kids!)
  • There should also be room for the writing of a sitcom there as well.
  • Perhaps having considerable influence on the modern art world.
  • There’ll be a bit of acting here and there.
  • A platinum selling album.

When all these things come true, you can say that you remember reading this blog post and that you didn’t think any of it would happen, but it actually did. How privileged you are!

On a serious note, I do actually believe it is good for us to consider our ambitions in this world, even if they are highly unrealistic and perhaps a little self-obsessed. God has given us all many opportunities, we should be considering what possibilities are in store for us.

Even though there may be very little chance of any of these things happening in my life, I can have the complete confidence that God does have a plan. He will work out his plan. Whether I am ‘successful’ by the world’s terms or in heavenly standards (something far better).

Here is what God has to say about greatness:

Matthew 18

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

1At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”2He called a little child and had him stand among them. 3And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Now that should be mine and everyone’s aim.

On Friday evening I am meeting up with a friend to finally go and see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I’m looking forward to it.

On Saturday I am hosting a Quiz Night at our church. If you’re 15-20ish you’re welcome to come along to. Link to event.

25 things that are DEFINITELY true about me.

These things are very popular on the book of faces at the moment, I thought I could share with you my 100% factual attempt at sharing with you 25 things about me.
1. I was once able to witness a Gregale, which is a Mediterranean wind that can occur during times when a low pressure area moves through the area to the south of Malta and causes a strong, cool, northeasterly wind to affect the island.
2. I was born in Cachy, which is a commune in the Somme département in the Picardie region of France.

3. My favourite thing in the whole world is ‘Iolanthe’, or ‘The Peer and the Peri’, it’s is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert.

4. I own the The Yamaha OX99-11 sports car.
5. My favourite song of all time is called ‘Linda’. It was written by Jack Lawrence, and published in 1946.
6. My hero is Carl Johan Fredrik Skottsberg who lived from 1 December 1880 – 14 June 1963, he was a Swedish botanist and explorer of Antarctica.
7. I often read poems by João de Deus Ramos who died on January 11, 1896. He’s better known as João de Deus, the greatest Portuguese poet of his generation.
8. I invented the wind-up radio.
9. 6631 Pyatnitskij (1983 RQ4) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on September 04, 1983 by L. V. Zhuravleva at Nauchnyj. This is something that inspires me.
10. I went to Stiftung Louisenlund, which is a privately run boarding school for boy and girls in Güby, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
11. Philip Douglas Taylor (born 13 August 1960 in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent) is a 14 time world champion English darts player whose nickname is The Power. He is my mentor.
12. My favourite work of art is April Love, a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Arthur Hughes which was created between 1855 and 1856.
13. ‘Chunklet’, which is an American music and culture magazine edited and published by me. According to Pitchfork Media, issue #16 has sold more than 10,000 copies. How or why Pitchfork records the sales of a magazine is a mystery.
14. I once woke up in Arts et Métiers, which is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 3 and Line 11.
15. I took down Richard Porter (1965 – January 3, 1990) he was one of the most notorious New York City drug kingpins.
16. I created and regularly draw, Mordru (also known as Mordru the Merciless or The Dark Lord) he is a fictional character, a supervillain in the DC Comics’ main shared universe.
17. I am related distantly to Bruno, Brun, or Braun (died 2 February 880) he was the Duke of Saxony from 866 to his death.
18. I taught Jeff Alexander everything he knows. He lived from July 2, 1910 to December 23, 1989. He is an American conductor, arranger, and composer of film, radio and television scores.
19. Isolée is the best microhouse artist working today, his real name is Rajko Müller. I was the one he played his first track to.
20. I won the Open Tarragona Costa Daurada, a tennis tournament held in Tarragona, Spain in 2006.
21. The Baldwin apple is a bright red winter apple, very good in quality, and easily shipped. I regularly eat it.
22. Annabouboula is a Greek-American musical trio that flourished in the 1980s and 1990s. Their members are Anna Paidoussi, George Sempepos and myself.
23. The greatest album of all time is ‘Pots and Shots’, the debut album of J-ska band Potshot. The album was released in the USA by Asian Man Records in 1997.
24. I am currently engineering ‘The Incheon Bridge’ (also called the ‘Incheon Long Bridge’) which is currently under construction in South Korea.
25. My favourite species of bat is The Broad-eared Bat (Nyctinomops laticaudatus), it is from South and Central America.