Daniel Kitson on Eric Liddell in ‘Chariots of Fire’

I love this…

There’s a bit in the film Chariots of Fire where the Scottish sprinter Mr. Eric Liddell has qualified with ease for the Olympic final and is by far the favourite. But he refuses to run because the race is to be held on the Sabbath. He is a devout Christian and in utter deference to his God he refuses to run.

There are all sorts of Olympic officials trying to bully him and cajole him into making the race. It’s their big showpiece race of the games and they all want him to do it, but he’s refusing, he’s steadfast.

One such Olympic Official corners him at a function and tries to get him to speak to the future King of England — the then Prince of Wales — who has a mind to convincing him to run.

Liddell says “No, I won’t talk to him, that wouldn’t be right.”

And the Olympic official says “Does your arrogance extend that far Liddell?”

And Liddell replies, “My arrogance extends as far as my conscience demands.”

I think that if you ever say anything that wonderful in conversation, you are well within your rights to never speak again.

That really is a wonderful bit of talking. Imagine hearing that coming out of your own face!? How could you possibly resist the urge to Moonwalk away from that!?

 Daniel Kitson, The Stand (2005)

One Last “Whoo-hoo!” For The Bradyman

Me wife has her first Welsh driving lesson today. She has had a couple back in London – that’s why I say Welsh – but it’s been a while. My guesstimation is that she will be a very natural driver, this is going by her instinctive skill in solo sports such as ice skating, swimming and archery (the girl’s had a go at some exciting games in her time). And her gender based ability to multi-task.

I, on the other hand – I suspect – will be a worse driver. This is my prediction for a number of reasons. Firstly, driving involves thinking about more than one thing at a time like pedals and mirrors and gears and steering, that sounds stressful; secondly I am quite like my Father and he is not famed for his skill behind the wheel (sorry Dad); thirdly, I’m just a bit clumsy. Anyway, I’ve never had a lesson, so who knows, I might take to it like duck t’twater.

We don’t have a television license so I haven’t watched any of the Olympics. I was told the other day (again by a certain Wrexham lad – I see a pattern of lies emerging here) that it was illegal to watch BBCi without a license. Well I’ve done my research, and that’s wrong! It is illegal to watch live TV ont’internet but not catch-up. So I might catch-up some Olympics. To be honest I won’t. I’ve got better things to do with my time, and I’ve got a radio, which I can also watch legally (by watch I mean watch the contraption while listening to it) whoo-hoo-hoooooo!