“I didn’t ask for your life story.” #4 – Foil

(BTW I know I haven’t blogged for at least a week which is never a good thing. I have been keeping myself busy with an interview or two, an 80th birthday party, a concert and other things.)


Today I’m going to write shortly about foil. Why? Because I can.

  • Often, but not always, school packed lunch sandwiches were wrapped in foil. I always had ham and ketchup in my sarnies, if you’re interested. I liked it when they were wrapped in that beautiful thin sheet of aluminium, because that meant after eating I could fashion a sword/dagger out of it. I would pretend I was Robin Hood or Peter Pan or just a cool guy with a shiny knife.

  • Foil is also good when you’re bored, especially if you’ve got a Kit Kat handy. Firstly take off the bright red paper cover, then you are left with a foil covered block of chocolate. I would press down the foil on the top so you can see the imprint of where it says “Have a break / Have a Kit Kat”. Sometimes I would press my fingernail into the middle groove and rip the foil down the middle and snap at this point, but that wasn’t really my scene. I usually tried not to rip the foil as I slowly undressed my chocolate, then laid the foil out flat. Now obviously the joy of a Kit Kat is in the eating:
  1. Snap it in half.
  2. Bite the chocolate off each end.
  3. Now the hard & messy bit. Nibble off the chocolate from the sides and the top, until you are left with two bits of wafer.
  4. Go round everyone in your class shouting “Look! Look what I done!”

  • Running your fingernail across the foil, until it becomes all flat and creaseless, is also very satisfying.
  • I remember the 1998 Blue Peter ‘New Future Appeal’ for Schools in Mozambique. One had to collect all sorts of aluminium, cans and foil and stuff; that was cool.

Talking of Blue Peter appeals, I remember back in 1996 when they did the ‘LEPRA Leprosy: Brazil & India Appeal’, I had a Bring & Buy Sale in my garden. I felt really important.

Check out that totaliser!

I really liked Stuart Miles, he was cool.

  • Has anyone had that thing when you put some foil in your mouth (for some stupid reason) and if you have fillings (for some stupid reason) you get the strangest tingling sensation in your jaw. Very strange.
  • Foil was introduced to Chocolate Advent Calenders about halfway through my childhood, it used to be a thing only the expensive ones had, like an extra gimmick which meant you had to pay an extra quid for it. They all have it now.

That’s about all I got. This is quite interesting:


Video: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Advert (nothing to do with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk)

2 Questions, both intertwined.

  1. Why do Cadbury’s Dairy Milk adverts have nothing to do with the actual product?
  2. Why are the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk adverts so darn good?

Interesting Ramadan Countdown Calendar.

One of the many benefits of having a large number of Muslims here in the UK is that we get magnificent gems like this on the shelves of our supermarkets:

As you can see it follows the basic design of an Advent Calendar, they even have the cardboard flavour chocolates – however they aren’t in different shapes.

The most interesting thing about it is that there is a question on each door. Here are a few examples (highlight to reveal answers)

  • What is the afternoon prayer called? Asr
  • How many Gods do we believe in? One God, Allah
  • Who was the last prophet? Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
  • Are we all equal in Islam? Yes
  • What is Hajj? Pilgrima
  • Where is the Ka’aba? In Makkah
  • What is the night of Al’Qadr? The ‘Night of Power’, a blessed night in Islam

My three personal favourites which I believe sum up the Islamic mentality –

How many fasts have you kept so far? MASHA ALLAH, WELL DONE!

How many times did you pray today? MASHA ALLAH, A MUSLIM MUST PRAY FIVE TIMES PER DAY!


If you are a Muslim, or if you just have an interest in Jesus Christ do not hesitate to contact me, I have a few booklets which could be of great help to you. They were written by a converted Muslim I know. Check them out here.