Blewog’s Firey Diary – 20/12/2010 (Incredeebluh, Maths GCSEs & Sufjan)

So the Christmas holidays are finally upon us and I am sat in’t living room listening to the Glee cast sing the far superior version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (don’t try and disagree!)

The snow is here too (not in the living room) I made the observation yesterday that if it was snowy all the time (like in Narnia) then we would be really excited to see green grass and flowers and leaves and all natureish stuff and that. So yeah, snow is awesome, it does look pretty when it rests on the branches of trees in that Christmas Cardian way, but I think the main fascination is novelty. Maybe we should make an effort to marvel in the things we see every day (like sunset, our hands, clouds, and the sea (only I can see that)).

I recieved The Incredibles on DVD from a highly generous couple, and I loved watching it again. I cite it as my favourite Pixar, partly just to be different to everyone else, but I genuinely do love it, the whole mood of the film is just stunning, so different to anything else I’ve seen. Brilliant!

Oh yeah, twas my birthday! I am now twenty one! Still sounds very young, which is a good thing I imagine. It was a great day, I was on the panel for a ‘Grill a Christian’ event at lunch time and in the evening we had our Welsh CU Carol service, the latter was a particular encouragement. Christmas is a great time to talk to people about Jesus, where they think their lives are going etc, and everyone loves to sing the odd carol (not odd carols though). After that we went to a place that offered Karaoke, I particularly enjoyed singing the Carpenters song ‘Close to You’ (Mam would be proud) and dueting on ‘Penny Lane’ with the Snufferjog.

My two favourite questions to ask people are these: ‘What did you get in your Maths GCSE?’ (if you’re a bit older it’s O-Levels, and believe it or not some people don’t do exams!) and ‘What do you have on top of your Christmas tree’ (in the same way, some people have nothing and some people find it too personal a question). But if you are to see me soon, I shall be asking you those questions! People’s answers are most commonly B and Angel or Star. My answer would be robin goch and C.

Leading on from one of those questions, I think how someone decorates their tree says a lot about what their like. For example, me and the Mrs’ tree is very colourful with mismatched decorations, and it isn’t very big. Alright I don’t know what that means, but you know what I mean… you don’t know what I mean, ah forget it.

Dad’s always been very good at preaching through the nativity, I became aware of this because more than any other passages in the Bible, when I read through the Christmas story I regularly get automatic exegesis from my Father replaying in my head (which is cool!) I also get a lot of his (mostly helpful) theories and corrections to common misconceptions for example:

  • Three kings – there probably weren’t three, and they weren’t kings.
  • Little donkey – Mary and Joseph probably couldn’t afford one.
  • The Stable – It doesn’t say anything about a stable, it might have been a cave, or a field.

You get the picture, some of this is helpful, but sometimes I have to hold my tongue in case I ruin Christmas. I won’t tell you what he told me about Santa.

I really love mince pies, and having been enjoying them solidly since December the first. Wife thinks I’m weird because I prefer shop bought ones to home made ones, which is not usually the case when it comes to cakes, but sorry it’s true Mr. Kipling rules this one.

I’m really getting into Sufjan Steven’s 2010 EP ‘All Delighted People’ at the moment. Very interesting stuff. Love it. It’s also led me to look into similar bands such as Soul-Junk and Danielson Famile, but they are a bit less accessible, nevertheless I have time.

This is the first year I haven’t had a chocolate Advent Calendar, my Mum sent us a picture one with lots of robin gochs on it, I bought Sibyl one with glitter and Father Christmas in a sleigh on it. But yeah, no chocolate – how crazy, what am I becoming? (A jackal?)

Listening to

(it’s based on Ezekiel 1!)

Virally Contracted

Thank you once again internet, for this.


“I didn’t ask for your life story.” #4 – Foil

(BTW I know I haven’t blogged for at least a week which is never a good thing. I have been keeping myself busy with an interview or two, an 80th birthday party, a concert and other things.)


Today I’m going to write shortly about foil. Why? Because I can.

  • Often, but not always, school packed lunch sandwiches were wrapped in foil. I always had ham and ketchup in my sarnies, if you’re interested. I liked it when they were wrapped in that beautiful thin sheet of aluminium, because that meant after eating I could fashion a sword/dagger out of it. I would pretend I was Robin Hood or Peter Pan or just a cool guy with a shiny knife.

  • Foil is also good when you’re bored, especially if you’ve got a Kit Kat handy. Firstly take off the bright red paper cover, then you are left with a foil covered block of chocolate. I would press down the foil on the top so you can see the imprint of where it says “Have a break / Have a Kit Kat”. Sometimes I would press my fingernail into the middle groove and rip the foil down the middle and snap at this point, but that wasn’t really my scene. I usually tried not to rip the foil as I slowly undressed my chocolate, then laid the foil out flat. Now obviously the joy of a Kit Kat is in the eating:
  1. Snap it in half.
  2. Bite the chocolate off each end.
  3. Now the hard & messy bit. Nibble off the chocolate from the sides and the top, until you are left with two bits of wafer.
  4. Go round everyone in your class shouting “Look! Look what I done!”

  • Running your fingernail across the foil, until it becomes all flat and creaseless, is also very satisfying.
  • I remember the 1998 Blue Peter ‘New Future Appeal’ for Schools in Mozambique. One had to collect all sorts of aluminium, cans and foil and stuff; that was cool.

Talking of Blue Peter appeals, I remember back in 1996 when they did the ‘LEPRA Leprosy: Brazil & India Appeal’, I had a Bring & Buy Sale in my garden. I felt really important.

Check out that totaliser!

I really liked Stuart Miles, he was cool.

  • Has anyone had that thing when you put some foil in your mouth (for some stupid reason) and if you have fillings (for some stupid reason) you get the strangest tingling sensation in your jaw. Very strange.
  • Foil was introduced to Chocolate Advent Calenders about halfway through my childhood, it used to be a thing only the expensive ones had, like an extra gimmick which meant you had to pay an extra quid for it. They all have it now.

That’s about all I got. This is quite interesting: