If Knowledge is Power, Should we Fear God or Google?

A man has successfully managed to stop Google from holding information about his past.

Articles have highlighted the fact that we live in an age where our misdeeds are remembered more permanently and more visibly than ever before.

As one man points out in a Guardian article, ‘forgetting is intimately connected with forgiving’. So we come to theology…

God is the being with the greatest memory in the universe! This Google case reminds us of the vulnerability we suddenly experience when a shameful event from the past becomes publicly accessible. If knowledge is power, then God is truly omnipotent (due to his omniscience). God intimately knows your thoughts, in fact, everything you’ve ever done to everyone ever is known by him. Feel vulnerable now?

But the beauty of God and his grace is that there is protection against this disastrous situation we find ourselves in, and it’s not a measly court injunction.

It is possible to experience a divine pronouncement of unbreakable forgetfulness, how? Through Jesus.

If Jesus becomes the one on whom the responsibility for all those shameful acts we have committed in our past is laid, then forgiveness is possible. And our sins will not only be forgiven by God, but forgotten by him.


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