What is ‘artisan food’ anyway?

It’s surprising that despite living in a small town, there are still places I haven’t been. One such place we finally paid a visit to last night. Dylan alerted me to the absurdity of one of its supposed aims, to provide ‘artisan bread’. That’s definitely a food name for Generation Y, bread that is not just bread, it’s artisan bread. Of course this is marketing speak for ‘it’s a bit posh’ and ‘hands were used a little bit whilst making it’.

Anyway, this place is a cross between Leon and Pizza Express, but it isn’t a franchise or a chain, which makes it more appealing. (P.S. I think it’s not a chain but it might be).

Aesthetically I approved, apart from an obvious need for a bit of concrete flooring where there was wood panelling instead.

I also have a pet hate of Welsh establishments’ need to put up paintings of Welsh celebrities in wacky colours; and Welsh verse painted in unusual typography. Just because you’re a Welsh place and want to make it clear that you are proud of that, it doesn’t mean that you have to make all your artwork didactic. There are — there really are — thousands of Welsh artists gagging for commissions who would produce some genuinely Welsh, but less preachy, less corny, less tacky work.

One more thing on the interior design… They had white ceramic metro tiles on their walls, they still look good at the moment — I fear it won’t be long before they don’t — but right now, I like ’em too.

Anyway, the food was nice. I had skate and Sibyl had a pizza with an egg on it. My fish didn’t blow my mind, but it was meant to be served with butter which I refused because I was feeling healthy so I’ve only myself to blame. Nice though. Sibyl adored her eggy thing.

They also had a good selection of artisan drinks. Sibyl had a virgin mojito and I had one of their cwrw anarferol, it was from Scotland — I didn’t know that when I ordered it, I thought it was Welsh — but it was nice, oak aged or sumink. And they served it with an ice chilled glass, nice touch.

Word on the location… Really good. Right on the seafront, so with a window seat at the right time you can watch the sunset over the sea. Issue was that only one of us was near enough the window to see the sunset so we had to keep swapping seats. Should’ve booked ahead.

Very blessed to be able to have such an evening. We’re currently thinking of things we won’t be able to do when we have our kid. This is one of them. Privilege to enjoy God’s gifts.


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