Is it okay to call a woman sublime?



Hans Rookmaaker says it’s okay to call a woman beautiful, but it isn’t okay to call a mountain beautiful, because a mountain is not beautiful, it is sublime.

With both of those statements it is implied that all credit should be given to the creator of them — be they women or mountains. But even if you were to say to a woman ‘you are sublime’, you would still be crediting her for something that she hasn’t earned herself, because all gifts are gifts from God.

Conversely, the platitude shown above suggests that we move away from complimenting women for something they were born with, and start complimenting them for something they’ve somehow accrued of their own volition. This is not true of any human, whether they are male or female.

It’s okay to call a woman beautiful, because God gave her that gift of beauty, and it’s also okay to call her extraordinarily resilient, because if she’s wise she’ll also know that what you are referring to are her God given talents.



2 thoughts on “Is it okay to call a woman sublime?

  1. This is classic Rookmaaker. And also presents a radical thinking challenge for Christians. For Rookmaaker would also maintain that there are no ‘natural’ gifts, in the sense that you might describe someone as being, ‘naturally talented at sport or music’.

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