What’s my idea for the greatest alarm clock evur?

Picture the future, not the real future, the future like in Total Recall (as a disclaimer, I can’t guarantee that the future I’m imagining is like the future in the new Total Recall because I haven’t seen it).

Now, imagine a simulated window, with simulated weather outside, I think it’s from Prometheus I stole this now I think about it, but not as an alarm clock, wait for it!

Okay. At a designated time when you wake up, the sound of rain against your window gently coaxes you out of bed, after which you open the curtains and experience the full visual feast of the classick setting Rain against the Window Pane.

Other settings include, Ice Cream Van a Short Distance Away on a Hot Summer’s Day, needs a snappier title I admit.

Or how about Snowy Time, and Children are Outside Making a Snowman, Lamenting Your Absence in Rhyme, again title needs work.

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