What word does everyone (needlessly) begin their sentences with these days?

Have you noticed it?

It’s not grown out of a new problem, the problem — as always — is a fear of silence.
It used to be “like” or “you know” or “yeah” or even just “um”.

And now a new unnecessary word has crept into the modern vernacular.

But this one is different! It does not lurk in the middle of sentences, in-between sentences or even at the end of sentences, this one parks itself at the beginning.

What word am I thinking of?

What short word has every young twenty-something middle-class anglo-saxon post-arts-degree job-seeker started to punctuate their phrases with?



Have you noticed it too?

It usually comes in reply to a question…

“How have you found the quality of pumpkins to be this autumn?”

“So… I think they’ve been bang on this year.”

“What did you do when you realised you weren’t wearing the right colour balaclava?

“So… at the time I didn’t really realise that heliotrope was the required colour this season.”

“Could you explain to me what everyone’s fascination with baking and ballroom dancing is?”

 “So… what it is, is that people want it to be the 1950s again.”

This is something that resonates with you isn’t it? You’ve heard it before?

So… what’s that all about?

4 thoughts on “What word does everyone (needlessly) begin their sentences with these days?

  1. Yeah, but what’s worse is also ending a sentence with it…
    “Well I think mustaches on pumpkins work really well, so…”
    “So what?”
    “Ummm… nothing.”

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