Evangelism Attempts 1

I have been looking for opportunities to befriend people for the sake of evangelism in recent days. Inspired by Wifey reminding me how much we loved Uncle K and Anti Rh at our wedding talking to everyone. They also did it with Taid when they came to see me in Woyzeck. Inspirational, confidently and amiably befriending people, asking questions.

We were also inspired by Alistair Begg’s great sermon on the Woman at the Well and his other addresses on practical evangelism at the conference. Getting out there, “pushing through the pain barrier”. Oh it’s hard! (But what a message to be sharing.)

We tried it at this wedding on Saturday. Met a man who worked for a bus company, went to college with the groom, said he’d always had friends who were Christians, but they always ended up letting him down. The groom hadn’t let him down yet, “but we’ll see…” he said lugubriously. We were enabled to share the gospel with him. He believed in the man Jesus, and was very friendly, but not yet in the Kingdom. 


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