What have CHVRCHES and Tupac got in common?

It hasn’t been the case in a while, but sometimes a song comes out and you listen to it on the radio or — these days — on SoundCloud for ages before it’s actually out. Well this is what I’ve experienced with the CHVRCHES’ new single Gun. I’ve been listening to it since the beginning of June! Put your stuff out sooner and quickerer please Mr. Branson or whoever’s in charge of the bizz these days.

I’m reluctant to like this band due to the fact that they are flavour of the month, but this is one of those songs that I listened to and immediately liked. I had the exact same experience with — you won’t see this one coming —  the song Ghetto Gospel by the once ubiquitous Tupac Shakir, a posthumous release in collaboration with none other than the bespectacled sexagenarian Elton John. I heard it on the piratic monstrosity that is BBC Radio 1, and before I knew it I was saying things like… “the music you were playing really blew my mind” and I started feeling like “everything went from wrong to right” (finish the line now).

The video to this song Gun is not very good, it can’t quite decide whether it wants to fully commit to the now passé MTV in the 80s look seen here: Two Doors Down – Mystery Jets and here: Rihanna – Rude Boy. So that it just ends up being a lower budget version of this: Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes.

It is also worth noting that the lassy who sings possesses what some writers might call eyes as big and as soft and as dark as ripe Caledonian Blaeberries. And she sometimes puts glitter on her face so that she looks like a teenage vampyre, only she is in fact Scottish and possesses the sensibility of a battery-operated collectible she-ghost from t’future.


2 thoughts on “What have CHVRCHES and Tupac got in common?

  1. The fact that the lead singer looks about 10 aside, ‘Gun’ is a very good pop tune. It and ‘The Mother We Share’ now occupy the pop-hole that was left when Ellie Goulding went all remixed and soulless. She’d never make a song like ‘I’ll Hold My Breath’ now. Or release anything on Neon Gold. Oh Ellie…

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