Why does Stephen Fry feel like a Calvinist?

Fry writes in his second autobiography (The Fry Chronicles, 2010) of the countless acts of immorality that he commits on a daily basis. He claims that, ‘there is almost no moment in the day when I do not feel myself to be intensely guilty of numberless trespasses’.

He goes on to list a number of acts which he feels are against his conscience, ranging from drinking too much alcohol to not keeping in contact with his friends. He brushes these off as ‘pathetic little particles of plankton in the deep ocean of sin’ but cannot deny that his ‘feelings are as craven, cringing and confessional as the most self-abasing Calvinists in their most prostrate and abject furies of repentance’.

My immediate thought — of course — is that he needs the divine salvation found in the cross of Christ, but his answer comes swiftly: ‘I dont believe there is a god or a judgement day or a redeeming saviour’.

Why does the human heart insist upon rejecting the only person who can help us? We all experience these pangs of guilt. The reason is the fact we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but that we have broken God’s law.

I can pray that Mr. Fry’s life may be changed by the transforming power of the gospel.

The vilest offender who truly believes,
That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.


2 thoughts on “Why does Stephen Fry feel like a Calvinist?

  1. He feels like a Calvinist because he’s a determinist atheist who thinks all his choices were predetermined by the past random movements of subatomic particles, just like the Calvinists think all their choices were predetermined by the past random decrees of their malevolent deity.

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