Look, it’s Superman

I was about to leave the house yesterday when I thought I heard the shower turn on, horror movie stuff. But it wasn’t Ghostface in my bathroom, it was the pipe below our boiler, spraying water everywhere, we had a leak. My wish is to react like a practical man in situations like these but no one had told me where the water tap was, so the water just kept on spraying. I had to call wise people, and someone agreed to come over, but before they arrived I found the tap! It was under the kitchen worktop, if you’re interested. So I sort of fixed the problem, or at least stopped the problem, it still isn’t fixed. So I’m not totally useless, but fairly useless.

One of the leaks was kindly fixed by our church handyman, but there were two leaks! The second is due to be fixed today, by a plumber.


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