It’s in the details

Started on 1 Samuel in my Bible in a Year. One wonderful thing about getting older as a Christian is that you get to re-read the stories you were taught in Sunday school and at the dinner table, but you notice details and contexts that were never there when you were seven. For example, today I found out that Samuel’s sons went off the rails and that that was one of the reasons Israel wanted a King, because there was no one to take over from his rule. I remembered that God had disagreed with the need for a king, but not the details.

So many instances like that in the Bible, God advises against it and people do it anyway. The key is to look for those moments in our own lives, it seems so obvious when you read other people falling into those traps, but I do it all the time, and I need to be more vigilant, am I doing something that God has clearly commanded against? That should be the Christian’s prayer, daily, that’s where wisdom comes in, that’s where a Bible in a Year comes in handy, if not essential.


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