Masquerading as a loom

When Sibyl writes up her lecture notes she types in key-words on Microsoft clipart and fills her document with pictures of little farmers. It makes the screen look like one of my favourite screen-savers of all time, something (or someone) called Bill Posters (geddit?) would come onto the Windows 3.1 screen and paste postage stamp-sized images all over your desktop. I thought it was amazing. I think it’s because I didn’t look at it closely, and I as a young child got the impression that he was a real man living inside our monitor posting illegal advertisements. That’s what I loved about computers when I was little, the possibility that an entire universe could exist behind the thick glass of that screen, all kept inside a CD-ROM. It was fuelled by a yearning for eternity no doubt, or maybe just a joy in seeing cartoons, and clicking on things that make noises and move. Those were always the best toys too, toys that I didn’t own, toys that seemed as if they lived, toys that had over forty different words and phrases, because they seemed real. So that is the task for you, software developers, toy makers and yes, you too, my old friends the advertisers… make worlds.

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