Sexism & Yankophilia

I was thinking last night about how potentially sexist the concept of cheerleaders is. We didn’t have them in our school, and I have never heard of any British school having such a thing, but I bet there are, because schools have ‘proms’ now, and it’s all because of Hollywood i.e. kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema yo’.

A cheerleader’s job is to worship the male sportsmen with a sacrificial sense of abandon and not expect any pay-off, apart from maybe the team winning. Of course that’s a lovely idea, but I wonder, in these US schools, do the blokes cheer the she-ladies when they play?

Going back to the previous point about Brits being Yankophiles, this continues when the U-Kids reach Uni, not only are girls desperate to become transatlantic short-skirt wearing man-praisers, but by now citizens under the rule of Elizabeth have the chutzpah to play American Football. I say make tiddlywinks mandatory.


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