So I stop barking for a minute to get chips and drinks.

Have we got lager?


Have we got cider?


Fine then, I’ll have coke.

I said cocoa not coke.

Oh, I don’t want cocoa.

Do you want tea?

Yes, I’ll have ice tea.

Oh, we only have warm tea, hot tea, tea from a teapot.


What will you do?

I’ll go out and buy chips and Dr. Pepper, that’s what London’s like, you can buy any thing ant any time. Will everyone dig in if we get a big bag of chips?

Yes, of course we will. While you’re gone we’ll learn the Welsh alphabet and each word that corresponds to each letter, there’s going to be a lot of mutations.

Make sure you have fun trying to explain the pun you can do with the ownership of a peacock.

Will do. Will do.


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