No one likes it

A week or two of discovering academia anew. Recalling how to read. Wrestling with theories. Singing the word phenomenology to the tune of Mah Nà Mah Nà. Waking up every weekday at 6:55 to get up the hill for early morning practice. That’s easier than expected. Having to go to bed earlier has not been fun though.

There was rain this morning, Sibyl doesn’t like having wet feet, no one likes having wet feet but Sibyl really doesn’t like it. I have assimilated this p.o.v. and get more grumpy than I did at previous occasions in my life when my toes become damp.

We were in a tent once and it was raining and I was having a nap and Sibyl woke me up saying “YOUR TOES IS WET!” I groaned. “YOUR TOES IS WET!” Why is she telling me my toes are wet, and why is she using the third person singular present of be when are would suffice? “YOUR TOES IS WET!” I’m angry now, my feet are not even moist and what are you ON about!? “YOUR A.W. TOZER BOOK! IT GOT WET IN THE RAIN! YOUR TOZER’S WET.” True story.

In 2009 I made a YouTube video where I had a white plastic carrier bag covering my hair. I had just been in the rain and I told the world that I had officially grown up, because I no longer liked rain. There’s another YouTube video of me dancing in the rain, but that was taken before the grumpy vlog, so maybe I was a child at that point. This morning I really liked standing in my doorway waiting for my Danish buddy and watching the rain and feeling like I was watching the roof of the church opposite our house in HD. The sky was white. I liked rain then, so maybe I was a child for ten seconds, but then I walked up the hill and got wet and became an adult once more.

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