The Little Book of Calm

My poor wife is not feeling very well which is a very difficult thing in marriage because when someone is ill you can’t do that much to stop it, obviously I’ve made peppermint tea and got a bowl from the kitchen and tolerated a Jurassic Park video being on, those sorts of saintly acts, and I can pray for her to get better soon too, but it is a sad sight.

We’re going to London over the weekend to celebrate my sistah-in-law’s birfday. She doesn’t arrive until six on Saturday so I think in the daytime I’m going to go and see the performance artist that has been nominated for the Turner Prize, something to do with Spartacus and an Oracle. I think I’ll write about it for my course. Should be exciting.

Black Books is on now, s’funny. Our chameleon is busy hissing at her own reflection, s’even funnier.

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