Is it all in that pretty little head of yours?

Live and Let Die. That’s what I’ve been listening to lots this morning due to a fairly helpful blogpost on the NME website, I won’t link it to you, you have Google if you really want to see it, and do bear in mind that the writer of the article seeks to be hip and with it by using the language that kids with a z use effing and jeffing all over the otherwise wholesome Post-Beatles best of list, exception of course being Working Class Hero which indulges in some effing and jeffing of its own. The article led me to a great Elvis Costello song which I have never heard called Veronica, Mr. Not-Presley wrote it with Macca himself which is the link. I like Mr. Costello, his voice has a lively exuberance to it which I appreciate in a pop singer, but you would never mistake him for a brown eyed Soul-man, he still sounds white enough to give him that punk edge. I was looking through some old mix CDs that I’d made when I was in school, amongst a lot of filler by The Prodigy (I do love that Always Outnumbered thing they did, but it was destined for car commercials first and foremost) there was some killah in the form of Smokey & The Miracles’ classick Tracks of My Tears. What a brilliant fifteen year old I was. That is a good song. That is a really good song. The song is of course a pun on the Ken Bruce radio feature, I’m sure Smoke had to pay a good few royalties for that ‘un. But like I said, it’s a good song, so I have decided that if ever in my life again the opportunity to do karaoke arises, I’m gonna attempt it. Although last time I ventured into the world of Japanese crooning I was miffed to find that the song They Don’t Know was nowhere to be seen, Kirsty MacColl version or Tracy Ullman version! Can you BELIEVE the tragedy? Speaking of Ms. MacColl, I took great pleasure a month or so ago in introducing my Wrexham friend to the 12″ mix of New England, it is out of this wurld, really it is.

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