When they numb your mouth at the dentist and your mouth is all numb and it feels numb and weird it’s weird isn’t it? I’ve got that right now.

I had a look at my brother’s personal statement the other day, that’s an experience that feels long long ago now. I wonder how much of a difference it did make to the universities that accepted me? I remember hearing about a boy in our school who made up all sorts of fantastical extra-curricular things he had done i.e. teach special needs people to swim, play football with street-children etc. I wonder how far he got?

It’s a busy week with me starting my MA course next week, and all sorts of induction events this week. I must try and keep up the blogging, although I’m tempted to do what I did a year or so ago when it got busy and just throw it all away, but no! If I just do quick bursts of posts, that will be good. I’m also a little bit scared that because I’m doing a course that involves writing stuff and I keep having paranoid fears that someone will tell me off for writing something I shouldn’t, as has happened in the past. Wisdom must be used and prayed for.

101 Dalmatians is on in the background and there is a very witty and clever little bit in it where Horrace & Jasper are watching a programme called What’s My Crime? in which contestants have to guess which crime a man has committed. The odd thing is, as Charlie Brooker found with his website and the writers of The Day Today found, is that when it comes to parodies, the real thing often becomes more ridiculous than the joke thing (i.e. zany news graphics & I’m a Celebrity...).

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