50,000,000 iTunes Customers Can’t be Wrong?

I like to check iTunes quite regularly and I was interested to see that You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and The Pacemakers was at number two. Of course it’s because of the Hillsborough thing. I think it’s amazing and exciting that any song can get into the charts now, this seems to be a generation where more is possible and there is less of an establishment, less barriers and more things can be achieved more quickly. For example, buildings can be built more quickly, you can become famous on YouTube and you can win the lottery – these are quite recent phenomena. Of course those things tend to be just white-wash, and Gerry and The Pacemakers are probably happy. I remember when they first changed that rule, because it used to be that a song had to be ‘a single’ released in a particular week, but with downloads, obviously people were going and finding Wonderwall or Brimful of Asha and wanting to have it in the charts again and again and again, so they changed the rules. Chris Moyles had the idea of getting a naff song from the nineties into the charts, and because of the listenership he had at the time, got everyone (myself included) to download Honey and the Bee by Billie Piper. I think it got to number five. Then of course we had a couple of Christmases ago when Rage Against The Machine beat the X Factor to the top spot. People felt that was a great victory over ‘the man’ and in a way it was, especially as the song had such protesting content. But of course, Rage are part of the same major record label as all the other major acts, surely it would have been nicer to get an independent act to number one? People have to tried to recreate the success in recent years with various Facebook groups, but it hasn’t worked with quite the same vigour. It is only recently that bands such as The Beatles and Led Zepellin have turned up on Apple’s MP3 centre. I was surprised to hear that of all Beatles songs people loved the most, the best-selling was Let It Be (by now it’s Twist and Shout).It just goes to show that as my Father says in answer to Elvis Presley’s question:

‘50,000,000 Fans Can’t Be Wrong?’

Well, yes, actually, they can.


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