I’m not sure, I’m just speculating.

Today has been an excellent day. We (Sibyl & I) were taken to Brent Cross Shopping Centre by my Mother this morning. She had planned with Sibyl to take her out for lunch and my plans changed so I tagged along. I usually get quite bored shopping, so to compensate this I took loads of photos, that was enjoyable. We ended up eating in a place called Leon which is somewhere I have noticed for a long time but never eaten in. It is extremely middle class, slightly above Pret a Monegegerer in classiness, needless to say I had a fish finger wrap. The way they’ve designed the interior of the store sparked off a discussion amongst us about how 50s / 60s fashions are very much in at the moment and even propagandist advertisements have become cool. It reminded me (sorry about going on) of the design features found in the Harry Potter films, in which they have chosen various early twentieth century timepieces (old radios, keep calm and carry on type posters, sepia newspapers) and have placed them within the realm of the magic world. It is almost as if they thought, “ah, all this stuff is all so magic and modern, we need to make up for that with some old fashioned stuff” OR my other theory is that they some how connect magic / witchcraft with a sort of archaic way of life (Salem witch trials, before TV we had to make our own fun with cauldrons, wizards such as Merlin all have white beards therefore are old and therefore must have been around in the 50s / 60s) and thus have fed into that with the choice of design. Or maybe it’s just the general Zeitgeist and they are following that along with Kath Kidston and Mad Men. I’m not sure, I’m just speculating.


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