Large Floating Mass of Ice

Sibyl and I got married three years ago today. Humans are such beautifully designed beings that you can spend a lifetime studying them. What a privilege marriage is. I can spend everyday with this one person and become so close with them that we become one. I can help her like no other person on earth can help her. She is my specialist subject, and I her’s. God invented that possibility, that’s very cool. Knowing a person on a superficial level is one thing, but once you know that this person has an eternal soul it becomes an entirely different matter. A lifetime together, I believe, will begin to touch the tip of that large floating mass of ice (couldn’t cope with the cliché so used dictionary) we’re only three years in, here’s to many many more. She enjoyed the audiobooks btw, we listened to the beginning, Stephen Fry is an excellent reader.

I’ve been telling everyone recently how impressed I am with my youngest brother’s modelling skills and I suppose I am interested in that because I too enjoy the creative arts (is the term creative arts a truism?). But I truly am inspired by the boy’s plasticine creations. They’re rather abstract or at least not figurative or perhaps they’re more impressionistic. He makes conical structures that he says are planes and he makes people that are modelled as minimalistic spheres. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a modern art exhibition, only the artist would be far more pretentious – Owain is quite the opposite –  he doesn’t like sharing his thoughts on his work, he has very much created his own private world.

When I was in school it was not possible for me to take both Drama and Art, we had to choose one art and one humanity (History & Geography), the bad thing was that it was possible to take both History and Geography, that isn’t fair. I hear they’ve changed it by now but I am quite glad I did Geography because it has given me an understanding of the countryside in which I now live near. We did coasts and I enjoy telling people about wave-cut-notches and long-shore-drift (lol it’s LSD). When we are by the river I tell them about ox-bow lakes and how a river gets deeper and wider and flows faster the more downstream you go. And I enjoy telling people all about a terrible Geography trip we had to somewhere in Herefordshire where me and my associate started a water-fight and felt bad so went to bed meanwhile the antics continued through the night and everyone got into massive trouble apart from us because we were in bed… score. So it was impossible for me to take art, but I could have taken History and I often wish I had done that. I picked Geography for stupid on-a-whim reasons, I think I thought more cool people took Geography as opposed to History because I remember hearing in-crowd types saying that History was ‘just remembering dates’. What a sheep. But I do love providence, so the regrets do not bother me. There’s always the library to brush up on stuff I’ve missed out on.

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