Harry Potter and the Mitten of Wool

Yesterday morning was a lovely start to the holiday as I relaxed with my wife. We watched The Goblet of Fire and ate Coco Pops. When Sibyl was working she found that she needed audiobooks to quell the arduousness of repetitive microscopy. One such audiobook was kindly donated to us from our friend Christopher who is a big audiobook fan, Harry Potter and the Forest of Embarrassment (I think that’s what it was called). Anyway, she fell in love with the series and insisted we bought the films. They are very reasonable online and we’ve been going through them since. They’re rather good! I like them. Dewi (Bradyboy No. III) has been undergoing a similar obsession in recent months and has just received a mahoosive book chronicling the visuals of the film. I also bought him an HP action figure, with wand and ruck-sack.

I’ve always found reading books difficult but that series did open up possibilities for me. I wish it had been Dickens or Hemingway, but it was Rowling who cracked the seemingly impenetrable reading shield that had formed around my pre-pubescent brain. The first three books were already out when I started reading them and then when the fourth one was being prepared I remember how excited I was to receive it. We pre-ordered it from Amazon which seemed like a good idea at the time but it actually meant that it would only be posted on the day it came out and so the tragedy befell me… the book was out but I did not own it. I, being a vile and petulant little ten year old started to strancio like Veruca Salt. My parents have spent money on buying me a book, but I want it now. Horrible. Anyway, in one of his ingeniously patient moments, Father calmly Googled (or would it have been Alta Vista in those days?) the book and found the first chapter was available to read online, free of charge. I was a happy young rabbit.

Then The Order of the Phoenix came out and we turned into one of those families who went to the shop at midnight to get the book! And we bought two copies! That was the first time that Dylan (Bradyboy II) read the book faster than I did. I think it was something like three days and I felt that I had outgrown the series a little. Come 2005, I didn’t even finish The Half-Blood Prince. And I have never read the final book, (so the film was really exciting to watch!) You see, Rowling was a bit slow in writing them. There was a stage when the books wonderfully corresponded to my age, I was at the same stage in Hampstead School as Harry was in Hogwarts School. But she rested on those laurels (whatever they are) and while I grew up, Potter became Peter Pan for a couple of years.

I don’t think Sibyl reads this blog faithfully enough, so I can tell all of you if you promise to keep the secret that as it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow, I have bought her CDs of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter and the Stick of Wood (or whatever it’s called). What a good husband I am, don’t tell her ’til tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Mitten of Wool

  1. Dear Rhodri,

    As a faithful reader of your blog, I must ask, and excuse me if I come across as stupid or ignorant, but I truly am confused.The books you’re naming, “HP and the Stick Of Wood,” HP and the Forest of Embarrassment,” etc… what are those? I know you said audio books, but what I mean, is…. they’re obviously not proper HP books, so are they like fan fiction books? Again, I am sorry if I sound like an idiot but I just didn’t (don’t) know. Thanks!

    • Haha, I’m so sorry! I just got a bit bored of calling them by their proper titles and decided to reference an angry Stuart Lee (stand-up comic) rant where he complains about adults reading childrens’ literature and names the Harry Potter books by those unusual titles. I think I might have made that a bit more clear! Thank you for asking. :-D

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