Not Weary in London

We have arrived in London for a fortnight’s stay. We made it for the evening service at Childs Hill Baptist church last night. It was an unusual service because they had some visitors from Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM) there. This organisation works in The Philippines with street children, giving them a home, an education, food, medical attention, protecting them from drugs and sexual abuse etc. all with the ultimate desire of sharing the good news with them too. I have watched many missionary presentations over the years (powerpoint etc.) and this was definitely the most professional and smoothly ran one I have ever seen. It wasn’t too gimmicky, there was the correct balance between technology and information. We’ve seen plenty of missionary videos where the soundtrack has been totally inappropriate* and the Windows Movie Maker skills have been unnecessary (spinning photographs just don’t communicate anything). So well done CCM for breaking the bad cycle. Most importantly we were clearly told about what they do and this is a great work for a church to be supporting, especially after they have suffered recently from flooding.

The sermon was a rousing call for us to not grow weary in doing good. I felt that this was a highly appropriate sermon for us to hear at the beginning of our two week stay here, encouraging us to give our time to people and use the opportunities God gives us to help people. I can be quite selfish when I come to London, because it’s one of my favourite places and I go on a bit of a cultural binge, spending entire days on gallery and theatre crawls. I know there will be some of that, but not just that. I pray that God will help this two weeks to be one where I do not grow weary in communication with him regularly and with fellow humans.

*They used this tune, it’s good, but why do Christians love it so much?


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