I’m really looking forward to it

We’re going to our fourth (maybe fifth?) and final wedding of the summer today. I’m really looking forward to it. But before that I’m going to go to the Post Office and send some birthday presents. I also have to send a document to do with my MA which begins very soon, things seem to have worked out wonderfully with that, God has been very good.

Yesterday was a day full of chores. The most difficult by far was putting up a toilet roll holder that had originally fallen down when our bathroom ceiling collapsed and then we had bought a new one and I tried to put it up and it didn’t last very long because I was too lazy to use wall plugs with my screws so yesterday I got wall plugs but they didn’t want to work and there was at east THIRTY minutes (not lying) of work which went into making it happen – trial and error, trial and error, trial and error, and the difficulty with trial and error in real life (as opposed to mathematics non-calculator GCSE paper) is that you don’t even know if there’s EVER going to be an end to your pain. But there was.

I’m reading Isaiah at the moment. One of the judgements that struck me was when God says he’s going to curse the beautiful women and he says that all their hair will fall out and they’ll get sores on their beautiful faces. That’s scary stuff. And all the talk about those who drink wine all night seemed very applicable to our generation. God is the judge. I’m really learning that.


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