Teen or Tin?

We have had a nice few days away in North Wales. We spent the majority of our time just outside Caernarfon in a place called Ty’n Rhos which I mispronounced Teen Rhos whereas apparently it was Tin Rhos. Picky. Highlights included some lovely food like duck and lamb and sausages; walking through Caernarfon and seeing the impressive castle; also, walking from Ty’n Rhos to Y Felinheli and from there to Caernarfon where we sat in Y Galeri and saw some interesting painting.

We travelled home via Harlech which we walked around a bit and reminisced the previous Easter where we spent a joyful week there. Sibyl was particularly keen to visit a ceramics gallery where she had bought a miniature owl and mislaid, she wanted to return to buy a replacement model. We did exactly that, and ended up leaving with a clay tortoise too, to match our new addition to the family, Edna.

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