Good Selection

Being in Alfred Place last night was so refreshing. I had been away from the church for at least two weeks previous, attending Childs Hill for the majority of that time which was great, but it was a joy to be back hearing Taid. He preached on the final section of Romans 8, more than conquerors. I was struck by the suggestion that Christians in Britain are too comfortable, do we have any cause to be warriors of the faith like the apostle Paul was?

Sibyl has finally finished her job! So we are both free now and we’re going to use the rest of our holidays as actual holidays with a trip to Caernarfon in store soon and London too. We will enjoy staying in a hotel and enjoying some luxury and hopefully some sun, and also see family and go to the theatre too.

I’ve been working in the Christian bookshop this morning and I’m sitting in there as I write. If you ever find yourself in Aberystwyth be sure to pay a visit, I don’t think there is anywhere else like it for such a good selection of Christian books, in the UK at least.

We were at a wedding on Saturday and the most unique thing about it were the Jewish traditions that were present, something I’m used to seeing in films but have never experienced in the flesh (smashing glasses, being married under a canopy and dancing to Fiddler on the Roof type music). There was plenty of Welsh language too and we sung all the songs in Welsh and English simultaneously, it is a good compromise but there’s nothing like singing altogether, and therefore my favourite part was when we all sung HALLELUJAH / HALELIWIA at the same time – God crosses cultures. Praise him!


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