Watching people think

I’m on to Season 3 on my Mad Men catch-up fest. What you really see in that show is the emptiness of a purely sensual lifestyle; Mad Men has Ecclesiastes written all over it. Emptiness, meaningless, gaping hole in the stomach nihilism. The characters are real, the direction leaves space for thought and it is not schematic. The characters will regularly stop what they are doing and just sit there thinking, you just watch themĀ ruminate their utter vacuity. It’s engrossing stuff to watch because that’s where we all are by nature.

I have probably mentioned at some point that I’ve always fancied going into advertising. The idea was planted into my mind in school during ‘progression’ class on a piece of careers software, I got Advertising Copywriter as my ideal job. Of course the industry is nothing like it was in the 60s. The internet has ruined that like it has everything else. Ah well. Campaigns like this are always interesting to reminisce about though.

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