Relating 2 Chronicles to ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Brave’

I have been reading 2 Chronicles over the past week or so and it’s riveting. It reminded me of many fashionably archaic yet modern royal dramas the most popular being the — watch with your finger on fast-forward — Game of Thrones.

2 Chronicles is full of long and short summings-up of Kings’ lives and the general pattern that emerges over and over again is that the good kings are those who show love and most of all those who honour God and look to him for their strength, the bad kings are those who are brutal, proud, self-reliant and idolatrous. In a more visual setting, Game of Thrones is also barbaric in its portrayal of the consequences of foolish royal lifestyle, honour is generally commended and with immoral behaviour it becomes clear to the viewer that actions have consequences. 2 Chronicles chapter 21 is reminiscent of this unrelenting gross-out repugnance, it speaks of King Jehoram receiving a letter from Elijah telling him that his murderous actions have not gone unnoticed and that he’s pretty much going to die of really bad diarrhoea:

You yourself will be very ill with a lingering disease of the bowels, until the disease causes your bowels to come out.

I just imagine being Elijah having to write this letter, or being the king and reading it. I can smell it all now. I feel sick.

We went to see Brave last night, this also contains talk of kings, tribes and houses. The film was okay, visually great and lots of little details which still sets it apart from most current animation. I love how there are copious amounts of ideas in it, alonf with much research: the trees – indigenous to Scotland no doubt; the language – much Gaelic slang; the little visual gags – a chicken on a stick becoming a shadow of a bear. However, the film feels like it needs a little kick, more emotional potency which would get it from a three star film up to a four or five. You don’t leave the cinema thinking YEAH, you just leave the cinema nodding apathetically.


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