Ever so obliging

Yesterday was a day that began with my first this year visit to the Welsh EMW conference. I felt a little bad earlier this week, saying that the conference is over, because for us Welsh speakers it’s far from that. I heard Dafydd Job’s first sermon, he is the main speaker. He preached from the first chapter of Philipians. He tied in the positivity of the passage with an urge for us to be optimistic about what God can do in Wales. It was encouraging. A good reminder to once again pray for revival close to home.

In the evening I persuaded my mother to ask the younger brothers to stay up a bit later so they could come down to our flat for a Brady game of Dixit. I couldn’t resist bringing the little ones down because Gwïon (year 9) adores the game. The dorky dance he did when I told him he could come and play was priceless.

The younger two boys have taken a huge liking to Josie’s dog. They will run around endlessly and tell him to sit, jump, twist and gallop through their legs. He is a labrador, so is ever so obliging. Even Taid had some fun with him, throwing a ball until it rolled all the way down the hill and got stuck under a car. Taid insisted that he find it, skipping down the Buarth and yes (!) he did locate it!  Great effort. Well played.


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