Worshipping Coffee

Having no sugar in my tea and coffee is going well, thanks for asking. Although I’m still waiting for that moment that Stephen Fry talks about when I taste a beverage with sugar in it and hate the taste. When I was younger I was puzzled as to why people liked the taste of wine and beer, Dad sought to explain to me that people like to experience an alternative taste. I thought that that would never be true for me, but it is. I like bitter coffee because it brings to my palate something I’m not used to experiencing. The sweet taste of sugar only takes you so far, it doesn’t change. This is extremely surprising coming from me, the sugar-junkie himself. They say children are so exciting to spend time with because everything they see is new to them, perhaps that hunt never ends when we get older and we search and search and search for the next new thing and end up drinking our own urine, jumping out of planes and reading Charles Dickens. It’s definitely the emotion that drives me to listen to new music, I desperately want to feel that moment when the song is so good you can’t move, it’s only a release of endorphins, but you can’t manufacture it (well, you can but that is called drukqs). One moment I remember feeling that was when I first heard Hope There’s Someone. I heard a great C.S. Lewis quote from someone in a seminar last week, he said about how dogs are thick because when you point something out to them, they don’t look at what you’re pointing at, they just look at your finger. But we all do that when we worship the created things not the creator, God has made music, food, trees etc. they are there to declare the glory of God, but we bow down to the things themselves. So we, like never before, it’s time to repent.


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