The Conference is Over

Aberystwyth is a different place once all the Christians leave. We got a lift back from London with Sibyl’s Mum (Josie) she likes to visit us. Her dog (Helo) likes to run around on the beach and go in the sea; I like doing those things too. Tonight the decision had to be made firstly between a curry and a barbeque (we chose the barbeque) and then Brave or a barbeque (we chose the barbeque again). My slight hesitation was that it was not as sunny as it was this morning but I just checked the weather and it isn’t going to rain, whoop whoop!

I went to the library and renewed my Mad Men series 1 & 2 boxset for the third week! I just haven’t got enough time to watch all that television. Will Self’s new book Umbrella had also arrived there for me; I’m looking forward to reading that one.

Sibyl’s new tortoise Edna arrived yesterday too! She is an African Redfoot. She eats dandelion leaves and buries herself under sawdust to go to sleep. My youngest bro (Owain) is an animal obsessive, I’m hoping he works with them when he’s older. He was extremely excited that we have a chameleon and a tortoise and five fish aaaaaand we have a dog staying with us! I quote: “it’s the coolest fing evuur.”


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